UC offers apartment-style summer housing in Morgens Hall, left, which was redesigned in 2013. Scioto Hall, right, debuted in August last year. Photo/Aaron Hill/Richard Fleischman + Partners Architects, Inc.

Summer housing swells at UC

As the University of Cincinnati continues to set — and
break — fall enrollment and housing records, more and more
students are choosing to spend their summers living on campus.






by Rachel Richardson

May 31, 2017


Like many college students, Ryan Myers sometimes feels overwhelmed and stressed. The busy pre-medicine biology major juggles a challenging full-time academic course load with work in a research lab and a nearly full-time job off campus.  

What he doesn’t worry about, though, is fighting traffic, fluctuating utility bills, monthly rent, buying furniture or missing out on campus life.

Myers is one of a growing number of students in recent years who have opted to stay on campus and take advantage of UC’s discounted summer housing rates.

“For me, it definitely takes a lot of planning to go home,” said the Marietta, Ohio, native. “I’ve really developed my life in Cincinnati. I stay here because it’s easier and because I love Cincinnati.”


‘A darn good package’

Whether they’re taking summer classes, have a summer internship or athletic commitments or it’s too far to go home for break, more and more students are taking advantage of UC’s competitive summer housing rates, said Carl Dieso, director of Housing, Food & Retail Services.

Summer residency rates climbed 40 percent last year over the previous year, with 350 students choosing to remain on campus. This year’s numbers are expected to keep pace, he said.

“If you want to stick around and work or take a class, here is an easy and affordable option,” said Dieso. “For roughly $400 a month, you can live on campus. That’s a pretty darn good package. You can really make the most of your summer.”



UC student Ryan Myers likes the convenience — and cost — of living in University Park Apartments over off-campus housing during UC's summer term. 




Students have two choices for apartment-style summer housing on campus:

  • Morgens Hall, a sleek glass-paneled high-rise remodeled in 2013 that ranked No. 9 on DesignCurial’s list of America's most luxurious residence halls;
  • University Park Apartments, which offers such amenities as an on-site game and study rooms, free laundry, complimentary Starbucks coffee daily and a 24-hour service desk.   

UC’s summer housing rate for students who live on campus during the regular academic year is $1,200 — down from $1,230 last year — for the summer term, which runs May 7 through Aug. 5.

Students who don’t live on campus throughout the regular academic year can still lease a room on campus during summer at the regular base rate of $3,312.


“For roughly $400 a month, you can live on campus. You can really make the most of your summer.”

‒ Carl Dieso

What makes UC’s summer housing program unique is that students can choose to lease for the entire summer term or for just a month or two at a prorated cost, said Dieso. What’s more, students don’t have to be registered for summer classes to live on campus during the summer.

UC’s housing rates are among the lowest rates of state universities, many of which don’t offer discounted summer rates or flexible summer lease terms, he added.  

“Most universities continue the rate forward as a semester rate,” Dieso explained. “We’re trying to be forward-thinking and student-friendly with our program.”


University Park Apartments, which overlooks Gettler Stadium and is within minutes of many of UC's athletic faciliities, is a popular summer housing choice for UC athletes.

University Park Apartments, which overlooks Gettler Stadium and is within minutes of many of UC's athletic faciliities, is a popular summer housing choice for UC athletes.




Summer housing is especially popular among athletes, international students and those in co-op programs, but it’s also becoming increasingly embraced by students like Myers, who want to stay on top of a demanding academic program by taking courses over the summer.

“It’s less stress during the year when I am taking intensive science courses,” he said, of the general education courses he’s taking this summer. “Those courses wear me out so I can do them at my leisure over the summer.”

Living on campus also removes much of the risks that go with braving the wilds of off-campus housing markets, said Dieso.

Students rent by the bed, so they aren’t held responsible for the entire lease should a roommate move out. And monthly fees such as utilities, cable and internet access are all included in one flat rate, he said.  

“We hear horror stories from students all the time who are excited to move off campus and then they get to winter and all of a sudden it’s a $400 heat bill,” Dieso said.  

Students who live on campus can also purchase meal passes for UC’s all-you-care-to-eat dining halls, grab-and-go markets and off-campus eateries.

“For $700, you’ve got meals and dining dollars to use around town and your whole room paid for,” Dieso said. 

For Myers, who lived in an off-campus apartment his sophomore year before returning to live on campus this year, UC’s housing program offered the most budget-friendly option.

“If I were to stay in the off-campus apartment I had, it would have been way more expensive than staying here,” he said. “It’s nice because you don’t have to bring stuff from home. My mom doesn’t have to supply me with couches or a microwave.  I can just come in and bring groceries and my clothes and I’m good.  It’s less stress for me.”


Students chat in their Morgens Hall dorm room Photo/Brad Feinknopf

Students chat in their Morgens Hall dorm room. Photo/Brad Feinknopf


Summer living cools fall housing prices

UC’s summer housing program offers more than a good summer deal for students, Dieso points out. It also helps to keep housing rates low for the academic year.  

As the university continues to set — and break — fall enrollment records, so too has the demand for student housing.

More than 6,500 students made their home in UC housing, both on and off campus, during the 2016-17 academic year — a 1,300 student increase over the previous year.

Demand for housing has skyrocketed 54 percent since 2012, requiring the use of block lease agreements in nearby off-campus apartments like 101 Corry, USquare and Campus Park Apartments to meet the growing demand.

Dieso said UC’s housing boom isn’t surprising. Students who live on campus tend to have higher GPAs and report greater levels of satisfaction with their college experience.  

“Students are really interested in the whole package,” he said. “They want to take advantage of everything UC has to offer and that includes housing and being engaged and part of it.”



A student sits on her bed, reading in her Morgens Hall dorm room--with wall-to-wall windows, overlooking the campus. Photo/Brad Feinknopf

With wall-to-wall windows, students can see nearly all of the campus from Morgens and Scioto hall rooms. Photo/Brad Feinknopf



About Morgens Hall

The renovated Morgens Hall offers fresh, apartment-style living for UC students with on-campus convenience. Morgens houses a total of 456 students.

  • 2-Person Studios with a 10 cubic ft. refrigerator/freezer combination
  • 3-Person, 2-Bedroom/1-Bath with a 18.1 cubic ft. refrigerator/freezer combination
  • 8-Person, 5-Bedroom/2-Bath with a 20.3 cubic ft. refrigerator/freezer combination
  • Co-ed by apartment
  • Kitchen in each apartment, includes countertop microwave and cooktop/oven combination
  • Hall laundry and study lounges
  • Recreational equipment on lobby floor




About University Park Apartments

University Park Apartments houses 749 residents in suite-style rooms within an upscale apartment community.

The suites are arranged in either a 2-bedroom/2-bath doubles configuration or in a 2-bedroom/1.5-bath single style.

University Park overlooks Gettler Stadium and is located just minutes away from several local stores and restaurants.

  • Individual heat/air control in each bedroom
  • Game room with ping pong and foosball tables
  • Free laundry
  • Fitness center
  • Study lounge
  • TV lounge
  • Free Starbucks coffee daily
  • Free Cookie Mondays
  • Social events
  • Extended cable with HBO
  • Building-wide wifi
  • Courtesy patrol
  • Located above retail and restaurants
  • 24-hour service desk

For more details, visit upacincinnati.com

Living room and kitchen layout of University Park Apartements room.

University Park Apartments kitchen and living room layout

University Park Apartments two-bedroom apartment layout

University Park Apartments two-bedroom apartment layout


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