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An excellent academic reputation and required co-op are the top reasons why students choose the UC College of Engineering.

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655 Baldwin Hall

UC's engineering faculty direct 20 research centers in a research program which exceeds $21 million annually.

A hallmark of the college is its mandatory co-op requirement.

This was the first college in the U.S. to incorporate professional work into the academic curriculum. The UC co-op program is now one of the largest in the nation and is consistently named one of the top five in the nation (US News & World Report).

Baldwin Hall is the home to most of UC's undergraduate engineering programs.

The historic building has been completely renovated to accommodate all the necessary technology for UC's 10 outstanding undergraduate engineering programs.

The College of Engineering has more than 700,000 square feet of space in three primary buildings: Baldwin Hall (1911); Rhodes Hall (1971); and the Engineering Research Center (ERC-1995). It is home to 1950 undergraduate students, 1000 graduate students, 143 full-time faculty and 19,500 living graduates.