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Architectural master planning for the UC Academic Health Center campus is centered around saving lives. Because of its excellence in education, patient care, and research, students, researchers, physicians and patients travel from all over the world to take advantage of the many unique opportunities.

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231 Albert Sabin Way

The integration of medical teaching and practice in the College of Medicine was envisioned by its founder, Dr. Daniel Drake, in 1918. Using this integrated curricular approach and a variety of teaching modalities such as lab, small group discussion, team-based learning and lectures, the first two years of the MD program provide students with the scientific and humanistic principles of medicine including the application of those principles to medical practice.

Photo: Andra Blomkalns, MD, of emergency medicine, guides a pediatric emergency medicine resident as they insert a central line into a patient. Emergency Medicine

Founded in June 2003, the Center for Surgical Innovation (CSI) is an interdisciplinary collaboration between the departments of surgery and biomedical engineering at UC and leading government and industry partners. Its mission is to leverage regional assets and become a world leader in surgical thinking and innovation—in research, medical practice and education. Department of Surgery

Photo: Cardiothoracic surgery residents take part in a surgical training at the Center for Surgical Innovation.

The College of Medicine strives to graduate physicians with the knowledge, skills and professional behaviors necessary to advance to the next stage of their professional careers and to excel in their chosen areas of medicine.

Photo: Shuk-Mei Ho, PhD, Environmental Health, is an expert in hormonal carcinogenesis and proteomics. Environmental Health