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图书馆广场 - Library Square

兰萨姆图书馆是辛大最大的主图书馆. 这里有许多电脑工作站, 24小时电脑机房, 自习室和教室. 因特网使用包括在线图书馆搜索条和成百上千的学术杂志和参考书. 辛大是俄亥俄链接资料库的一部分, 向俄亥俄内部借书系统提供两千万卷借书.

辛大校园内部各处还散落着16 个专业学科的图书馆.

齐默大楼里有辛大最大的礼堂之一, 很多办公室和一定数量的教室. 齐默楼顶花园在齐默大楼上方. 这个相对较新的绿地处于校园中心,向学生提供了一个学习,交流, 享受好天气的好地方.

Langsam Library is UC’s largest and main library. Langsam Library has dozens of computer workstations and a 24-hour computer lab, as well as study rooms and classroom space. Internet access includes the online library catalog, as well as access to hundreds of academic journals and references. UC is part of OhioLINK, which provides access to over 20 million volumes through Ohio’s interlibrary loan system. UC also has 16 additional departmental and specialized libraries around campus.

Zimmer Hall contains one of UC’s larger auditoriums, as well as many University offices and a limited amount of classroom space. Zimmer Rooftop Garden is the area above Zimmer Hall. This relatively new green space provides a great place for students to study, interact, and enjoy good weather in the center of campus.

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  • Junsong Jiang '10, tour guide
  • Rachel Alig '09, writer & videographer
  • Travis Estell '09, videographer & Web site editor

This video tour was produced entirely by UC students.