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施耐德方院 - Schneider Quadrangle

施耐德方院于2007年10月10日正式落成. 如此命名是为了纪念带薪实习教育的创始人赫尔曼.施耐德。鲍德温大楼里是工程学院的主要办公室,教室和工程学院图书馆。辛大的工程学院是由赫尔曼.施耐德 于1906年在辛大创建的是美国第一个提供带薪实习教育的学院。带薪实习教育(CO-OP),给学生提供工作学期和上课学期交替进行的机会,也让学生在完 成学业的同时获得酬劳和专业工作经验。

老化学楼(又名old chem)是罗曼语言和文学系以及数学系所在地


Formally dedicated as Schneider Quadrangle on October 10, 2007, this area is named in honor of Herman Schneider, the founder of cooperative education. This area was previously known as Baldwin Quadrangle (“Baldwin Quad”).

Baldwin Hall contains the main offices for the College of Engineering, along with classroom space and the Engineering Library. UC’s College of Engineering was the first college in the country to offer cooperative education, which was invented at UC by Herman Schneider in 1906. Cooperative education, or co-op, gives students the opportunity to alternate work and class quarters, earning paid, professional work experience while completing their degree.

Old Chemistry (“Old Chem”) is home to the Department of Romance Languages and Literature and our Math department.

Swift Hall includes 18 “smart” classrooms, in addition to offices for student organizations and activities. It houses the News Record, our on-campus, student-run newspaper. It is also home to our University Ombuds department, our Pre-Professional Advising Center, and our University Honors Program.

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  • Junsong Jiang '10, tour guide
  • Rachel Alig '09, writer & videographer
  • Travis Estell '09, videographer & Web site editor

This video tour was produced entirely by UC students.