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戴和卡弘宿舍楼 - Siddall & Calhoun Halls

西戴和卡弘宿舍楼为数百位学生提供传统形式的宿舍. 男女生分住在不同的楼层.

学 校所有的宿舍楼都具有安全保障功能. 全天24小时,每周7天都需要钥匙和住宿卡才可以进入宿舍. 所有的宿舍楼都装有空调,并且是干净无烟的. 所有的宿舍为每人统一设有床,书桌, 椅子和衣柜. 每座宿舍楼为学生至少设有一套洗衣设备. 所有的房间都拥有高速或者无线英特网络, 基本的闭路电视和微波炉冰箱. 每层楼都有一名由高年级学生担任的宿舍管理员.

住在学校方圆50英里以外的大一新生第一年必须住在校内. 除此之外的其他学生欢迎入住我们的七幢宿舍楼.

Both Calhoun Hall and Siddall Hall offer traditional-style housing for hundreds of students. Both are co-ed by floor. All of UC’s residence halls are secured residence halls, meaning they require key or card access to enter, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All residence halls are air-conditioned, non-smoking, dry halls and come standard with a bed, desk, chair, and dresser for each resident. Each hall has at least one laundry facility for students to use. All rooms have high-speed or wireless internet access, basic cable, and a MicroFridge (combined microwave and refrigerator). Every floor of every residence hall has a trained upperclassman who serves as a Resident Advisor.

If students live outside of a 50-mile radius of campus they are required to live on campus as a first year student. At any other point, students are welcome to live in one of our seven residence halls.

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  • Junsong Jiang '10, tour guide
  • Rachel Alig '09, writer & videographer
  • Travis Estell '09, videographer & Web site editor

This video tour was produced entirely by UC students.