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理查德.伊. 林德多功能村 - Varsity Village

对于辛大来讲, 多功能村意味着一个全面更新,重新设计和阐释的运动,休闲设施和场所.


玛吉.肖特体育场开放于2004年. 体育场以此命名来纪念辛辛那提一位著名的慈善家 玛吉.肖特. 他在1985年到1999年期间担任辛大红队的董事长.

林德中心是辛辛那提大学体育运动之家. 在这座八层楼的建筑里为辛辛那提大学每个运动队设有办公室, 更衣室, 接待室和会议室. 辛辛那提大学标志性建筑就是这个四层的展览架.

林德中心的其他设施还有大学健康服务, 售票处, 一幢声望大楼和 “熊-猫”荣誉商店.

格特勒体育场是辛辛那提大学男女英式足球队和室外田径队之家. 重新装修的设施以一个拥有人工草地, 8个跑道, 400米跑道的正式规模的英式足球场为标志.

For UC, Varsity Village means a complete renovation, redesign, and expansion of our athletic and recreational facilities and venues.

Sheakley Lawn is an open green space available for anyone from UC to use at any time.

Marge Schott Stadium, which opened in 2004, is named in honor of the well-known Cincinnati philanthropist who held controlling interest in the Cincinnati Reds from 1985 to 1999.

The Lindner Center is a home for, and a tribute to, UC Athletics. This eight-story structure houses offices, locker rooms, and reception and meeting space for each of UC’s sports teams. Exemplifying UC’s signature architecture is the four-story trophy case. Other facilities in the Lindner Center include University Health Services, our ticket office, and a Hall of Fame.

Gettler Stadium is home to both the University of Cincinnati men’s and women’s soccer teams and the outdoor track teams. The renovated facility features an official-size soccer field with FieldTurf Pro playing surface and an eight-lane, 400-meter track.


  • Jane Wang, tour guide; UC China representative
  • Rachel Alig '09, writer & videographer
  • Travis Estell '09, videographer & Web site editor

This video tour was produced entirely by UC students.