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マクミケン・コモンズ - McMicken Commons

タンゲマン・ユニバーシティ・センター、通称TUCは、キャンパスのちょうど中心にあります。90フィート(約 27.5 m)もの高さにそびえ立つ吹き抜け空間は、頂上の天窓から注ぎ込む自然光に溢れています。また、頂上には1935年の建築当時からの時計台もあり、何世代 にもわたり学生たちの目印を務めてきました。




Tangeman University Center is a building that symbolizes the mixture of traditional and new things here at UC. It officially reopened in its entirety in 2004, after being renovated and expanded, exemplifying both our heritage and our innovation. Today, the building still has a popular food court on the second floor, as well as sit-down style dining in the Mick and Mack Café. Additionally, TUC is home to MainStreet Cinema (our 200-seat movie theatre), a game room, study lounges, quite a bit of meeting space, and the University of Cincinnati Bookstore.

McMicken Commons is one of UC’s “free speech” areas, meaning many interesting speakers have presented on that space. In addition, numerous campus events happen on that very spot, including rallies, the majority of Welcome Week activities, Greek Week, Relay for Life, and so much more.

McMicken Hall is a place with which most UC students are intimately familiar, because it is home to our McMicken College of Arts and Sciences. So, no matter what college you are in, you will probably be taking classes out of A&S for general education requirements.


  • Tatsushi Yoshida '11, tour guide
  • Rachel Alig '09, writer & videographer
  • Travis Estell '09, videographer & Web site editor

This video tour was produced entirely by UC students.