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シグマ・シグマ・コモンズ - Sigma Sigma Commons

この地域全体が、かつては巨大な駐車場でしたが、今は、集会やイベントのための素敵な緑の広場となっています。ほとん どの駐車場を立体化し、キャンパス周辺に動かしたことにより、UC全体が緑豊かなキャンパスになりました。UCの学生は、たとえ1年生であっても車を所有 することができます。駐車料金は、四半期ごとに徴収され、どの駐車場を利用するかによって異なります。



The upper part of Campus Green is called Sigma Sigma Commons. It is a popular gathering place for students and a site for many campus events throughout the year, like band concerts and festivals, including the annual Sigma Sigma Carnival.

This entire area used to be a huge parking lot, but UC's Master Plan called for more green spaces on campus, so almost all parking has been moved to multi-level garages to make way for spaces like this one. Students at UC are allowed to have cars, even as first year students, and there is a quarterly fee for parking. The exact price depends on which parking facility students choose.

Morgens Hall and Scioto Hall, which contain housing for graduate and non-traditional students and their families, are currently closed for renovation. Turner Hall and Schneider Hall are examples of suite-style housing, where students have a bedroom, common area, and bathroom that are shared only with their fellow suitemates. They offer general student housing, as well as housing opportunities for students in the University Honors Program and for UC athletes.

The Engineering Research Center houses graduate and undergraduate engineering programs and research labs. It was designed by Michael Graves, one of UC’s most distinguished alumni, who has became one of the world’s most important architects.


  • Tatsushi Yoshida '11, tour guide
  • Rachel Alig '09, writer & videographer
  • Travis Estell '09, videographer & Web site editor

This video tour was produced entirely by UC students.