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메인 스트리트 - MainStreet

신시내티 대학교는 작은 시내에 위치하고 있으며, 필요한 기능은 모두 갖추고 있습니다.

UC 의 정규 학생으로서, 켐퍼스 오락쎈터의 자동 멤버쉽을 받습니다. UC의 오락시설은 국제적 잡지에서도 취재한 적이 있는 최고의 써비스 시설이기도 합니다. 시설중에는 8개의 라켙 볼 코트, 6개의 농구 경기장, 올림핔 사이스의 랲풀, 40피트의 등반벽, 매달린 공중 조깅 트랰, 수백의 카디오와 피트니스 기구 그리고 많은 다른 도구들을 겸비하고 있습니다.

센터코트는 켐퍼스에 있는 두곳의 식당중 하나입니다.

스 테거 학생 생활 센터(Steger Student Life Center)는 학생활동과 리더슆 개발, 학생 생활, 학생 정부, 공제조합과 여학생 생활, 건강 센터 및 여성 센터등입니다. 이곳은 또한 2층의 커피숖과 간이식당을 갖추고 있습니다.

The University of Cincinnati is often compared to a small town. Now it has what every small town should have: a MainStreet. Establishing a path through the community is a simple and time-honored concept. At UC this path stretches from University Pavilion, near the western edge of the main campus, through relatively-newly completed facilities including the Tangeman University Center, Steger Student Life Center, Bearcat Plaza, and the Campus Recreation Center, continuing into the open space of Sigma Sigma Commons and terminating at Jefferson Residence Complex on the east.

As a full-time Uptown campus student you enjoy a complete, automatic membership to the Campus Recreation Center. Some of its facilities include 6 basketball courts, hundreds of cardio machines, a “lazy river”/recreational pool, and much more. CRC is home to CenterCourt, which is one of two dining halls available on our campus. Also, students have the option of living in suite-style housing within the Campus Recreation Center.

The Steger Student Life Center is home to many organizations and campus resources, such as: Student Activities and Leadership Development, Student Life, Student Government, Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, Wellness Center, and the Women’s Center (just to name a few!). You can also find a two-story Starbucks and a Subway restaurant.

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  • Ahram Song, tour guide; Korean Student Association Head Secretary
  • Rachel Alig '09, writer & videographer
  • Travis Estell '09, videographer & Web site editor

This video tour was produced entirely by UC students.