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시그마 시그마 콤몬 - Sigma Sigma Commons

이 전지역은 거대한 주차장이었으나, 지금은 모임과 행사를 위한 넓은 녹색 공간입니다. UC는 거의 모든 주차가 켐퍼스 외부끝을 돌아 여러 층의 그라지에 하도록 옮겨젔습니다.

시그마 시그마 콤몬은 학생들을 위한 인기있는 모임의 장소이고, 연례 전통인 시그마, 시그마 카니발을 포함하여 많은 켐퍼스 행사를 위한 장소입니다.

기 술조사쎈타는 대학원 및 ,학부의 기술 및, 조사 실험을 수용합니다. 이것은 UC의 가장 훌륭한 동문중의 한사람인, 마이클 그레이브스(Michael Graves)에 의하여 설계되었으며, 세계적으로 가장 중요한 건축가중의 한사람이 되었습니다.

The upper part of Campus Green is called Sigma Sigma Commons. It is a popular gathering place for students and a site for many campus events throughout the year, like band concerts and festivals, including the annual Sigma Sigma Carnival.

This entire area used to be a huge parking lot, but UC's Master Plan called for more green spaces on campus, so almost all parking has been moved to multi-level garages to make way for spaces like this one. Students at UC are allowed to have cars, even as first year students, and there is a quarterly fee for parking. The exact price depends on which parking facility students choose.

Morgens Hall and Scioto Hall, which contain housing for graduate and non-traditional students and their families, are currently closed for renovation. Turner Hall and Schneider Hall are examples of suite-style housing, where students have a bedroom, common area, and bathroom that are shared only with their fellow suitemates. They offer general student housing, as well as housing opportunities for students in the University Honors Program and for UC athletes.

The Engineering Research Center houses graduate and undergraduate engineering programs and research labs. It was designed by Michael Graves, one of UC’s most distinguished alumni, who has became one of the world’s most important architects.


  • John Cha '13, tour guide; Korean American Student Association President; Korean Student Assocation Undergraduate President
  • Rachel Alig '09, writer & videographer
  • Travis Estell '09, videographer & Web site editor

This video tour was produced entirely by UC students.