Construction for UC's new Lindner College of Business will present traffic and pedestrian detours from temporary road closures from mid-June through December, 2018.


Traffic and walking detours coming soon


UC west campus construction around the new Lindner College of Business will alter traffic and pedestrian routes starting June 18 through December.



By Melanie Schefft

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June 7, 2018


New detours will reroute traffic and pedestrian movement around the new Lindner College of Business construction site from June 18 through Dec. 16. Woodside Drive will be closed in front of the Engineering Research Center (ERC), the Campus Rec Center and alongside the new LCOB building. All detours will be well marked.

Shuttle and personal vehicle traffic will no longer be able to reach the ERC/CRC plaza for pickup and drop-off. All traffic will be directed to the new transportation hub between Campus Green Garage and the new LCOB building.


Map of west campus detours around road closures during LOCB construction in 2018.



Pedestrians will be directed through Campus Green Garage, across the bridge and into Woodside Garage to navigate around the Woodside Drive closure. Wayfinding signage is placed on this path for guidance.

University Way will become the emergency vehicle route into campus providing a temporary single-lane road with traffic signals for restricted access to the docks serving ERC, CRC and Rhodes. “No Pedestrians” markers will be placed along the popular East/West route and diverted around the area to other active walkways.

For assistance at any time, please pick up one of the help phones (a phone symbol on the above map). Or call Planning + Design + Construction at (513) 556-1933.

Link to detailed maps for all new routes

UC bridge between Campus Green Garage and Woodside closure during LCOB construction in 2018.