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UC Magazine March 2015

The Original Bearcat

March 2015
Legacy of Teddy Baehr
Evolution of the Bearcat
Barecat: Naked Cowboy
Nippert Stadium renewed

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UC Magazine July 2014

UC Tour Guide

July 2014
80 things to see & do
Sculptures & galleries
Where to eat & stay
Top 10 UC sports moments

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UC Magazine October 2013

Impact of generosity

October 2013
Celebrating a billion
Advocating for the innocent
Documenting an uprising
Hostility to hope

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April 2013

Inside Stories

April 2013
Getting to know Ono
Hero Neil Armstrong
Life in Hitler labor camp
Uncovering AHC research
Taft influence on UC

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April 2012

Never pictured I would ...

September 2012
Fight for safer food
Walk out alive
Abandon my career
Plus other U-turn stories
Agent to the pros

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April 2012

Beyond our Borders

April 2012
Worldview makes world of difference
Theater bonds CCM students, African refugees
Ancient Cyprus fortress found
Determined to end Haitian child slavery
In WWII, UC sets up European hospital

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October 2011

Out of This World

October 2011
Space shuttle’s final flight    
From co-op jobs to NASA careers
Decades of advancing flight
Medics save lives at 35,000 feet
Neil Armstrong taught at UC

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UC After Hours

UC After Hours

April 2011
Night-time academics
CCM's 1,000 performances
Regional campuses reach out
Medical campus always on call
TUC comes alive after dark

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20 Questions

20 Questions

December 2010
New strategic plan unveiled:  UC2019 takes us in a new direction
Reality TV:  Is it for real?
Terrorism:  How do we combat it today?
Chores:  How do you get kids to do them?
Internet:  What’s the biggest threat online?

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What I Know Now - August 2010

What I Know Now

August 2010
Behind the scenes with producer John Riggi
Stage star Faith Prince shares wisdom
Monster VP dispatches career tips
A life dedicated to sickle-cell disease
Stan Chesley champions for the little guy

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Lives Transformed - March 2010

Lives transformed

March 2010
New president penned best-seller
Q&A with UC's new leader
30 years of change
Research under the microscope
Presidents and playing fields

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The Many Faces of UC - October 2009

The many faces of UC

October 2009
Meet UC's new president
A step beyond equality
Born to run
Engineering her destiny
A vision for the future

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Alumni committed to a cause - May 2009

Alumni committed to a cause

May 2009
Savior for homeless families
Doctor to Africa's desperate
Makeup artist to burn survivors
Medical musician
Hero and healer

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Why we are Proudly Cincinnati - January 2009

Why we are Proudly Cincinnati

January 2009
UC football crashes BCS party
Indexing two decades of campus progress
Building a national academic reputation
100 Alumni: Silver screen to patent office
Catch up with UC's Olympians through the years

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0908 magazine cover

UC Partners with the Community

September 2008
UC sets civic example as good neighbor
UC center connects volunteers, needy
Helping victims of domestic violence
Art programs help UC assist neighbors

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0408 cover

Real-World Research

April 2008
The value of research
Disarming Cincinnati's violent criminals
Melting glaciers reveal climate change
Photographing perfect Japanese apples
Cancer spike found among firefighters

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The Power of Place

November 2007
Measuring the impact of design
A virtual 'sense of place'
UC's three-year photo shoot
Campus life then and now
Campus tours popular

June 2007 issue

Alumni dream jobs

July 2007
Rising Hollywood stars
Designing toys
National football champs coach
David Copperfield's designer
Running Radio Disney

February 2007 issue

Teaching matters

February 2007
How professors spend their time
Recalling favorite faculty
Serving up fabulous feasts
Profiling professors of today

September 2006

Defining UC through photos

September 2006
Defining an urban research university in photos
Take a fresh look at the 'new' campus
UC's first two Big East champions

May 2006

Illustrating the value of books

May 2006
Get to know UC alumni authors and their work
Dedicated to children's lit
Bookbinding as an art
Rare books in UC archives
125 years of student journalism

December 2005

Reality learning

December 2005
UC's co-op model sets standard for rest of world
How co-op began and grew
UC leads country in reality learning
Meet the new AD

August 2005

Values debate

August 2005
Are moral values slipping?
What are values?
Misled by exit polls
One employee's ethics lesson
Alternative spring breaks build character

January 2005

UC's Hidden Treasures

January 2005
An insider's tour of UC
Discover UC top to bottom
UC museums far from expected or typical
Secrets to share
25 things you must do at UC

September 2004

Master Plan

September 2004
Meet me on MainStreet
Campus construction: What's next?
Inauguration and UC|21
'Waltons' creator shares Hollywood insights

April 2004

Creating and coping with change

April 2004
New academic study asks the hard questions
The need to be market savvy
The evolving UC classroom
Keeping up in a world of change
Bearcat band traditions

November 2003

Making the List

November 2003
UC by the numbers
Rankings and unusual programs
UC history and celebrities on campus
Urban legends and UC Rumors

July 2003

One man, two decades

July 2003
President Steger steps down
Just a regular Joe
Comparing campus, then and now
Alumni become college presidents

March 2003

The Arts

March 2003
UC’s impressive fine arts collection
Outside the lines with 10 UC artists
Rookwood sampler from UC
Locating campus art galleries

November 2002

Open for business

November 2002
Famous D.C. attorney on campus
Nature was kind and a business was born
Tech that changes how you shop
Better than the Ivy League

May 2002

Tips from the Top

May 2002
30 UC experts share their secrets
Alum trades swastika for free speech
Summer on an Alaskan glacier
How-to advice from athletes

December 2001

Medical Center research

December 2001
Putting genes to work
UC's new Genome Research Institute
Fighting fat
Improving cancer care
Campus response to 9/11 attack

June 2001

Master Plan takes shape

June 2001
UC Master Plan Phase II completed
Master Plan Tour: Proposed projects
Master Plan Tour: Artwork
MainStreet to enliven campus

January 2001

Reel Stories

January 2001
Photo gallery from TV special on UC
Crete bewitches UC journalists
Hollywood filmmakers on campus five times
TUC bids World's Fair projectors adieu
NFL Hall of Famer Sid Gillman made video history
A tribute to Theodore Berry

October 2000

Famous alumni in New York

October 2000
Father of the Pentium processor Vinod Dham
Interview with 'All My Children' star David Canary
Behind-the-scenes Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade
Master of urban realism, David FeBland

May 2000

Creating a Just Community

May 2000
African American heritage at UC
Struggles give Ted Berry's degree extra meaning
Searching for common ground through Just Community
Satisfying women's intellectual hunger
Sandy Koufax reunites with Coach Ed Jucker at UC

January 2000

UC's hidden impact

January 2000
Save a life or serve a dinner
UC's contributions to the world
Nursing a forgotten population
UC's royal coeds

July 1999

The Digital University

July 1999
Professor creates virtual moon landing
DAAP alum designs Diablo II creatures
UC Libraries win international attention
Applied Science seniors show off capstones