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Medical Center research

December 2001

The magazine looks at the Medical Center's commitment to finding cures, developing treatments, providing universal access to medical experts and training tomorrow's professionals to be leaders in their fields.

Medical Center Research

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Putting genes to work
Knowing that genes do more than regulate curly hair, UC researchers try putting them to work to fight disease.

UC's new Genome Research Institute
UC seizes an opportunity to establish national leadership by forming a new institute.

Fighting fat
The secret to obliterating obesity may have little to do with diet and exercise, UC researchers say.

Improving cancer care
UC pushes to become a national cancer institute.

Unmasking disease
UC scientists help unmask human disease and pursue a cure.

Wonder drugs require miracle workers
Increasing complexity of drug industry requires pharmacists with doctorates -- and a gentle touch.

Is there a doctor in the mouse?

Advice from the state's top medical experts are just a click away.

UC Medical Center at glance
A listing of the various colleges -- plus achievements and firsts.

Lesson plans never cover times like these

The UC campus responds to September 11th.

Theodore "Ted" McCarty's Les Paul legacy
Gibson guitar legend strums last chord.


Letters to the Editor

Campus News

Bearcat Jonathan Ruffin named nation's top place-kicker.

On Campus Yesterday
1911 operating room.