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Outstanding issue

I wanted to let you know how impressed I was by the June issue of "Horizons." The pictures of the article "Master Plan's Second Phase Completed" are outstanding. Of course, my favorite is the one of the Vontz Center, where the [Albert] Sabin Collection is housed. I am planning to show my copy to family, associates, friends and overseas sponsors.
Heloisa Sabin
Via Internet

On behalf of the University Heights Community Urban Redevelopment Corp., I would like to commend your staff for producing the June edition of "Horizons" with wonderful articles and beautiful photography of our campus today and the future vision of the University of Cincinnati.

I am currently serving as a volunteer member of the Planning Committee formed by the UHCURC trustees. Our 12 volunteer members are working together to select an appropriate vision and master planner to design the proposed student housing project mentioned in the article. By learning more about the university goals, as described so clearly in this issue, the Planning Committee members will have a better understanding for our dream as part of UC's vision.
Mary Schap, DAAP '96

The texts and illustrations of the magazine "Horizons," June edition, show in an amazing way not only the Cincinnati University's excellency in teaching, but also the beauty of the buildings and other installations of its campus.
Professor Erasmo de Freitas Nuzzi
Director, College of Social Communications
Casper Libera College
São Paulo, Brazil

I'm adding my congratulations to the bunch of others you must have received on the June "Horizons." As this was discussed at a campus retreat a few weeks ago, I marvelled at how well you pulled the Master Plan info together. The whole issue is beautiful. Everyone wanted more copies for every purpose, me included (for orientation). You do great work, but this has to be one of your best!
Nancy Hanseman
UC Director of Human Resource Development

Online reads faster

I appreciate receiving e-mail about "Horizons Online." The pictures in the June issue [Master Plan Takes Shape] are great and bring back memories of my years at UC. For some reason, the online version gets read quicker than the paper version.
Rick Ankrum, BusAd '70
Kingwood, Texas
Via e-mail

Editor's note: People who register on our Web site receive a short notice when new content goes up for "Horizons Online."

That's a familiar body

I believe I know at least one of the guys in your "On Campus Yesterday" photograph in the June "Horizons." The three guys throwing the "body" off Crosley Tower were actually DAAP graphic design students. I recognized the person in the center (white T-shirt, black pants) as Brad Van Stone who graduated two years after me in graphic design. All three were from the '81 design class.

Brad and I were good friends, and I've always wondered of his whereabouts. I'd like to hear from him, although I'm not too sure he'd like to be remembered about this incident!

Actually I don't remember it, because we design students all did such wild stuff in that place. But I was really surprised to see a picture of them.

I'm not sure if Joe Bottoni, one of the graphic design profs there then, is still teaching design, but he may be able to shed some light on the situation as well.

Sorry, Bruce [Wachsman, Pharm '77, the photographer] couldn't help you on the outcome, but your photo brought back some great DAAP memories!
Lorraine Anderson, DAAP '81
Via e-mail

Editor's note: Sure enough, Joe Bottoni still teaches graphic design here, but he had no recollection of the event. The next letter writer, however, remembered a slight bit more. ...

on campus yesterday dummy

Hey, that's me!

I am in the middle of a slow day, so out of boredom I went to the UC Web site and started surfing through the links. I made it to the "Horizons Online" magazine, and an article in the 1970s archive caught my eye. I clicked on it -- and what a surprise: There is a picture of me and two friends talking to a campus cop.

The guy who took the picture says he's curious about who we were and what ever happened. Well, the guy on the left, holding the dummy, is Ray Mueller. The person in the middle is me, Brad Van Stone, and the other guy is Bruce Schaeffer.

We were all freshmen in the graphic design class of 1982. It was 23 years ago, but I think we were in a class that had us learning a little bit about video, computer programming, film animation, etc.

The brilliant idea for our film was to shoot a chase scene through the then DAA building. One of the girls from our class, also a graphics major, Anne Schulte, was supposed to chase me after an argument, which culminated in her throwing me off a roof.

We picked Crosley Tower since it was right next door, and we found we could access the roof. So we had a lookout to make sure no one was in harm's way, and we dropped it.

The guy who complained wasn't close to getting hurt, although he surprised the person who gave us the go ahead. I think it ended with a police chalk outline of the body, but I don't recall ever seeing the whole thing in completion.

Nothing else happened after the photo was taken. We were told there is a law prohibiting throwing things off of buildings and told not to do it again. That's it.

Now, I'm living and working in Sacramento, Calif. I work at Runyon, Saltzman and Einhorn, an advertising and public relations agency. I'm the senior designer of the creative department, so I work on annual reports, posters, brochures -- all the usual stuff a graphics person would do.

I never really kept in touch with either Ray or Bruce once I moved to Sacramento, but I'm pretty sure that Ray is living and working in Cincinnati or somewhere close by, and I wouldn't be surprised if Bruce is in Cincinnati, too.

It was fun seeing "Horizons Online." I'll go register now.
Brad VanStone, DAAP '82
Sacramento, Calif.
Via e-mail