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UC medical centers at glance

  • College of Medicine founded in 1819 as the Medical College of Ohio, first medical college west of the Allegheny Mountains

  • College of Pharmacy founded in 1850 as the Cincinnati College of Pharmacy, the first pharmacy college west of the Alleghenies

  • College of Nursing founded in 1889 as the Cincinnati Training School for Nurses, became one of two schools to offer the nation's first baccalaureate degree in nursing

  • College of Allied Health Sciences founded in '98 to unite programs spread throughout the university, including communication disorders, nutrition, genetic counseling, medical technology and physical therapy

UC Medical Center firsts

  • First emergency medicine residency program in the nation
  • Country's first medical laser laboratory
  • First legal-nursing baccalaureate program (begun in '99) and one of the oldest nursing master's degree programs in the country (offered in '56)
  • Nation's first university-based environmental research center
  • Country's first physical medicine and rehabilitation residency program
  • One of the country's first Family Practice residency programs, which helped pioneer the return of the family doctor to U.S. health care
  • State's first biomedical engineering department at a public university
  • The Tristate's only eye pathology lab
  • Region's first and only training program for medical-oncology fellows and residents

UC Medical Center achievements

  • Pioneered orthopaedic joint replacement, particularly total bilateral hip replacement
  • Educated 80 percent of Greater Cincinnati physicians
  • Developed a treatment to reduce brain damage in stroke patients
  • Developed the heart-lung machine and the Fogarty heart catheter
  • Developed the first oral polio vaccine and the antihistamine Benadryl
  • Owns a nuclear magnetic resonance machine so high-tech that it is one of only 15 in the world
  • Operates a major transplantation center for heart, liver, kidney, kidney-pancreas and bone-marrow transplants
  • Serves as the region's major adult burns-treatment center
  • Boosted the Tristate's economy in '99 with a $3.05 billion economic impact, as measured in conjunction with its affiliates