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Famous alumni on the streets of New York

October 2000

University of Cincinnati alumni touch lives in more ways than most people realize. To prove the point, "Horizons" is highlighting alumni from one city, New York.

Famous Alumni in NY

UC alumnus David FeBland's painting, "Fruit Spilled." Cover design/Dawn High

The technology trailblazer
Father of the Pentium processor, Vinod Dham made the chips fall his way.

Interview with an 'All My Children' star
David Canary -- king of daytime television.

A look at a great American tradition
Behind-the-scenes glimpse of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade with alum Alyson Bristol.

Master of urban realism
David FeBland splashes New York with surreal images.

Stylish and comfortable
Designer Stan Herman dresses the world for work and relaxation.

Reached for the sky
Entrepreneur and skyscraper builder Bruce Eichner is still changing the big city skylines.

Hit over the head
Independent TV producer Larry Patterson learns the business the hard way.


Letters to the Editor

Campus News


The man behind superstar Ken Griffey Jr.

On Campus Yesterday
Engineering student in the late '50s