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steam engineering student

Photo courtesy of UC Archives and Rare Books Department

S-s-s-steam pressure building up inside a heat-exchange device in the late 1950s or early '60s had this UC student checking those gauges in Baldwin Hall's old mechanical engineering lab in the "high bay area." Then, again, it's possible he is a chemical engineering student of that era. Some sharp-eyed readers will surely be able to identify this diligent student.

According to UC's "Cincinnatian" yearbook of 1959, the engineering college had recently undergone a number of changes intended to "improve the program to keep up with the nation's modern trend," making entrance requirements tougher and putting curricular emphasis on "basic science and general knowledge."


The man in this image wrote a Letter to the Editor following the publication of the photograph:

The photo on page 40 of the October 2000 issue of "Horizons" magazine is me. Your guess that the photo is of a chemical engineering student is correct. That photo is from an engineering magazine in which I was featured during my graduate school years.

After I got my ChE degree in '61 and my MS in chemical engineering in '63 at UC, I split my engineering career between Procter & Gamble (18 years in Cincinnati) and Playtex Products (13 years in New Jersey), where I retired in '94 as vice president of product development, then moved back to Cincinnati. My wife, Joan, and I were pleasantly surprised when our good friend, Dr. Richard Willins, Eng '62, showed us the magazine.
Jim Armour, Eng '61, MS (Eng) '63

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