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20 Questions

20 questions

December 2010

We asked.
UC experts answered.

These answers can be surprising. The questions came from both readers and our own ever-inquiring minds. The responses, besides being intriguing, illustrate the breadth and caliber of UC’s faculty. We also share the president’s new vision for UC and photos from his investiture.

President Williams’ investiture
Ohio chancellor calls him 'one of the absolute top talents'

New strategic plan unveiled
UC2019 takes us in a new direction

Reality TV
Is it for real?

How do we combat it today?

How do you get kids to do them?

What’s the biggest threat online?

Will we ever live on the red planet?

What’s the future of print?

Is it controlling our lives?

End of the world
Will it all end in 2012?

What’s hot and what’s not?

Hearing aids
Why won’t Dad get them?

Broken heart
Can you really suffer from one?

False confessions
Why do the innocent confess?

Does one potato chip really matter?

Unwanted medications
To flush or not to flush?

Hospital stays
How do you make one better?

Foreign cities
Why do we change their names?

How much have they changed?

Is it bad for your health?

Oscar freebies
Would you keep them?

New provost at UC
What is a provost?


UC celebrates basketball’s golden age

Letters to the Editor
IvaDean memories, Memories of ’70 closing, Corrections and more...

Campus News
UC apparel sales at historic high

In Focus Photo Feature

On Campus Yesterday
UC's first computer, 1958

Proudly Cincinnati
How do scholarships change lives?