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April 2008

Nationally ranked as a research powerhouse, UC, along with its affiliates, attracted $333.5 million last year to investigate ways to improve life for everyone. UC Magazine illustrates 100 ways the university is accomplishing that through eight different colleges, a dozen centers and the UC Foundation.

UC Magazine, April 2008

The Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence, backed by UC researcher Robin Engel (right), has helped police target violent groups. Cincinnati Works' Stan Ross is leading the effort to move young men off the streets into jobs.

The value of research
One-third of UC's budget supports lifesaving research and propels UC to the top of national rankings.

Killer data
Researchers save lives by unlocking the street code in Cincinnati.

Melting glaciers reveal climate change
Glacier study keeps professor's passion from melting.

Perfect to the core
Photography professor researches Japanese method of raising the ideal apple.

Scientists unveil cancer spike among firefighters

New marketing technique uses confusion to win consumers

It's all in your head
As American waistlines continue to grow and people search desperately for answers, turns out it was all in your head.

UC neurologists change the world's approach to stroke
Thanks largely to UC-developed methods, the trauma-model for treating the disease is taken for granted around the world.

Reef rapture
After 40 years of underwater research, UC professor David Myers still dives in.

Nobel hopeful spends career battling breast cancer
UC researcher Elwood Jensen is revered worldwide for his discoveries in cancer treatment.

Designing for doctors
Innovative students engineer for the operating room.

Beyond Dr. Earworm
Business professor's research is more than catchy tunes.


Alum Kevin Youkilis wins second World Series

Letters to the Editor
Cheerleader ID, recalling UC's McDonald's

Campus News
Miss America, Herman Schneider statue

President's View
Why research matters at UC

On Campus Yesterday
1960s: Remembering Sabin Sundays

Alumni Connection
Myron Hughes to lead Alumni Association

Proudly Cincinnati
Largest fundraising campaign in UC history announced