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Tips from the top

May 2002

UC has more than 200,000 living alumni, many of whom are experts in their fields and ready to provide fascinating advice. More than 30 alumni experts share their secrets for investing in art, surviving a presidential visit, getting the best seats in the house and more.

Expert Advice From Alumni

UC students scale Alaska's Matahnuska Glacier. Photo/Colleen Kelley


Miss America 2000 Heather French -- Tips for a full life after the crown

Architect/designer Michael Graves -- How to 'Target' your talent

Veteran actress Pam Myers -- Staging a career with a second act

Ms. Wheelchair Ohio  Stacy James -- Celebrating life, beating odds

Illusionist William Brewe -- Tricks to magically change your life


Business owner Carolyn Renninger -- Prepping for a presidential visit

Concert promoter Joseph Santangelo -- Seven must-see R & B acts

Sweet CEO James Dintaman -- Suggestions for 'smooth' celebrations

Goodyear attorney David King -- Scoring the best seats (on a blimp)

Russophile Rodger Henn -- Turning Russians into capitalists


Cincinnati mayor Charlie Luken -- Weathering a political crisis

Buried treasure hunter Art Cohn -- Handling sunken treasure

Philanthropist Doug Cramer -- Cashing in on art investments

Mountaineer Jean Ellis -- How to get to the top


Jack in the Box CEO Robert Nugent -- Recovering from a PR nightmare

King of car dealers Jeff Wyler -- Should you buy or lease?

Horticulturist Tom Smith -- How to grow greener grass

Physicist, researcher Vince Schmithorst -- Jazz up your child's math skills

National columnist Brian Mitchell -- A guide to understanding the news


Health Care Advocate Marilyn Gaston -- Rx for a healthier America

Good neighbor Roz Manifold -- Nurturing artists in the inner city

Psychologist JoAnne Pedro-Carroll -- Broken marriages break kids

Court official Sister Mary Russley -- Keeping kids off the wrong path


Blind champion athlete Dennis Wyant -- Winning while playing in the dark

Historical dance expert Steve Percer -- Waltzing without glass slippers

Novelty entrepreneur Don Poynter -- Ways to get serious about being silly

Nudist resort owner Ralph Kilborn -- Be comfortable in your own skin

Comic book artist P. Craig Russell  -- Drawing opera from stage to page

Record runner Ted Corbitt -- How to go the distance -- after 80


Olympic diving tips from Becky Ruehl

Slam dunk pointers from Melvin Levett

70-yard TD pass tips from Greg Cook

Tennis lessons from Tony Trabert

Their words live on

President William Howard Taft

Pea-pickin' Tennessee Ernie Ford

Social revolutionary Jerry Rubin

Mother of Credit Unions Louise McCarren Herring

Computer pioneer Paul Herget

How we selected the stories -- Editor

Also in this issue

The ice students cometh
A university writer and a photographer recount their summer on the glaciers of Alaska, spent with UC students.

Betrayal for justice
A German exchange student, Werner Von Rosenstiel, traded a swastika for free speech.


Letters to the Editor
More on Sperti ointment, mail delays, Ted McCarty.

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Campus News
New cancer treatment, record outside research funds, CCM's "Moveable Feast."

On Campus Yesterday
In Thanksgiving garb, c. 1948