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Values Debate

August 2005

"Cincinnati Horizons" looks at ethics and moral values: how society views them, how professors teach them, how alumni express them by the way they live and how struggling students use them to guide actions in the classroom.

UC Magazine, August 2005

Philosophy professor Chris Cuomo. Cover design/Dawn High. Photo/Lisa Ventre

Are moral values slipping?
UC scholars and a famous alumnus offer answers from perspectives of philosophy, psychology, journalism, broadcasting and political science

What are values?
Basic definitions put into context

Misled by exit polls
George Bishop suggests 'buyer beware' regarding exit polls

One employee's ethics lesson
Wins a trip to the Super Bowl, but can't accept

Alternative spring breaks build character

President's column: Core values
UC's president addresses having core values for the 21st century

Learning the value of virture
Educators prepare students for the ethical dilemmas they'll face on the job

Terri Schiavo case fuels debate

What would you do?
Three scenarios to test your judgment

Business ethics abandoned
The news is full of recent high-profile cases of business ethics abandoned

Media failing to inform
UC experts consider media ethics, choices and challenges in deciding what's news

Programmed by TV
TV programs 'program' viewers to be asleep at the screen: An interview excerpt with Robin Riley

Is classroom cheating on rise?
A national study claims it is

Alumni standing up for values
The quest to live a values-driven life: Alumni exhibit moral, ethical challenges


Fall sports poised for the big time: The Big East comes calling
Photo gallery: Bearcats join the Big East with a "BANG"

Letters to the Editor
Mick, Mack memories, Nippert questions, Awed by campus

Campus News
Law students find facts, Worldfest, Dig yields Greek temple

In Focus Photo Feature
Mission to Amazon

On Campus Yesterday

National dignitaries of 1925