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Altruism on the Amazon

Professor records healing gifts of UC's medical volunteers

Photographs by Jon Hughes


Houseboating down the Amazon, a team of University of Cincinnati doctors, nurses and residents administer medicine and advice to literally thousands of Brazilians every spring as they travel from one remote rainforest village to the next.

Photojournalist Jon Hughes, UC professor of English and comparative literature, documented last year's two-week mission as the university's International Health Brazil Project made its ninth such trip. The philanthropic voyage serves as an elective for medical school residents who learn about tropical medicine and gain exposure to multicultural issues.

Preceded by news of their coming, passengers of the floating clinic were embraced by villagers in serious need of vitamins and antibiotics to treat maladies such as infection and parasites.

"The natural beauty of Brazil and its people and the camaraderie of my colleagues made this an extraordinary experience," says Hughes.


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