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The news is full of recent high-profile cases of business ethics abandoned.

Adelphia Communications

Founder charged with defrauding investors and using company money as a source for personal income. Prosecutors say execs hid debt to obscure the financial condition of the cable television company.

Arthur Andersen

Top officials found guilty of obstructing justice by destroying Enron-related documents. Andersen, responsible for keeping watch over the accuracy of Enron financial statements, had executives who ended up taking jobs with the energy trader.


Shareholders were duped by the now-bankrupt energy giant after its corporate officers allegedly covered up losses by shifting them to clandestine partnerships.

ImClone Systems

CEO imprisoned for insider trading after allegedly tipping off family and friends -- including Martha Stewart -- to sell their shares of the company's stock before the Food and Drug Administration rejected its key drug.

Tyco International

Top-level officials allegedly abused loan programs and made unauthorized cash and stock awards for billions of dollars.


The second-largest long distance provider filed for bankruptcy after information emerged that finance officers improperly booked billions of dollars in expenses.

Source: WashingtonPost.com


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