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Beyond our borders

April 2012 magazine cover.

UC students traveling abroad often attract local children, like this lad who had fun with members of the UC chapter of Engineers Without Borders. photo/Mason Stout

April 2012

Education is only part of the reason UC is expanding international recruitment and helping more students and faculty to study, work and conduct research abroad. Getting to know neighbors from around the world also cultivates empathy, changes career paths, exposes inequities and prepares the UC community for global competition.

Worldview makes world of difference
A look at study abroad, co-op, rankings and campus statistics.

Theater bonds CCM students, African refugees

UC helps Dadaab refugees create an original performance piece about identity.

Ancient Cyprus fortress found
Excavation of a 13th-11th century B.C. settlement boosts UC's international reputation.

Determined to end Haitian child slavery    
Once enslaved himself, alumnus Jean Robert-Cadet works with UC to change his homeland.

Disarming gangs around the globe    
England's prime minister invites researcher Robin Engel to 10 Downing St.