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UC's Hidden Impact

January 2000

Cincinnati is a better place to live because of the University of Cincinnati. Not only has it educated a substantial segment of the population, it has also provided the Tristate's blood bank, community partnerships that offer free legal counsel and research that gave the world a polio vaccine. It's all part of the many facets of UC's hidden impact.

UC's Hidden Impact

Cover design: Dawn High / Cover photo: Brad Smith

Save a life or serve a dinner
UC takes its role as a good neighbor seriously enough to invest billions of dollars in the Greater Cincinnati community.

Blame UC
Nearly 200,000 alumni are responsible for a lot in your life -- including frozen orange juice, credit union services and Preparation H.

Nursing a forgotten population
With nowhere to turn for care, Cincinnati's poor turn to UC professor Connie Ragiel, founder of an Over-the-Rhine clinic.

UC's royal coeds
Meet Miss America 2000 Heather Renee French and America's Junior Miss for 1999 Sarah Jane Everman.

Building happy endings to UC dreams
Opening two more buildings this year, UC has secured its place on the must-see list of architecture buffs around the world.


Letters to the Editor
Kudos for last issue and UC deserves better.

Let's look at the ratings

Bearcat Sports
Bob Huggins: Who's laughing now?

Campus News
Elizabeth Dole at graduation, weighty questions and science for peace.

On Campus Yesterday
1967 school nurses