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Creating a 'Just' Community

May 2000

The University of Cincinnati's "Just Community" goes beyond simply accepting differences and creating programs to support them. The initiative that is drawing national attention fosters genuine appreciation for the individual.

Creating a Just Community

Pictured: Rashida VanLeer (left) and Thuy Cao. Cover photo/Brad Smith. Cover design/Dawn High

African American heritage at UC
Alumni recall nine decades of efforts to make the university a more "just" community.

Struggles give 'earning a degree' extra meaning
for alums Charles Winburn, Theodore Berry and Moss White.

Searching for common ground
It takes more than diversity to build a "Just Community." UC is taking the next step, and the rest of the nation is taking note.

Satisfying women's intellectual hunger

UC Women's Studies program celebrates 25 years of academic achievement.

Student heroics recognized
UC students recognized for saving a life and saving morale.

The Demakes touch
Leadership, loyalty and a generous spirit mark Chris Demakes' legacy to university alumni.


Letters to the Editor
Corrections, UC's Master Plan, acreage of the UC campus.

Campus News
Weightless aerospace engineering students, CITE program, research breakthroughs.

Bearcat Sports
Baseball Hall of Famer and alumnus Sandy Koufax reunites with Coach Ed Jucker.

On Campus Yesterday
Graduation through the years.