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U.S. News & World Report rankings

In September 2015, the University of Cincinnati was again named in the Top Tier of the country's "Best National Universities," placing at 140 in the 2016 special issue. UC is ranked at 71 among top public universities.

When college co-op and internship opportunities were last ranked in the 2014 edition, UC also made the list of the top 13 colleges with the best co-op or internship opportunities.

In addition, UC has numerous programs ranked among the top 100 public universities in the nation.


University-wide rankings

  • Top 13 — Cooperative Education, 2013 ranking still current
  • 71 — Top public school, 2016
  • 115Best colleges for veterans, 2016


Graduate schools

Best online programs

Music and arts graduate programs

  •   3 — opera/voice, 2014 ranking
  •   5 — musical conducting, 2014 ranking
  •   6 — industrial design, 2014 ranking
  •   6 — music, 2014 ranking
  •   9 — music composition, 2014 ranking
  •   9 — orchestra/symphony, 2014 ranking
  • 37 — drama, 2014 ranking
  • 46 — creative writing, 2014 ranking
  • 55 — fine arts, 2016 ranking                     

Medical and health graduate programs

Science, engineering, business graduate programs

  •   6 — paleontology (2010)
  • 20 — environmental engineering (2014)
  • 31 — aerospace engineering (2014)
  • 48 — civil engineering (2014)
  • 60 — mechanical engineering (2014)
  • MBA:
    • 46 — best part-time program
    • 70 — best full-time program
    • top 10 — greatest financial value upon graduation, based upon highest first-year salaries relative to debt load out of 437 for programs   
                            — 2014 rankings still current for all MBA programs

Misc. programs

  • 10 — accounting undergraduate program, 2014 ranking still current
  • 88Earth sciences/Geology graduate program, 2014 ranking still current
  • 93biological sciences graduate program, 2014 ranking still current
  • 94 sociology graduate program, 2013 ranking still current
  • 96 — chemistry graduate program, 2014 ranking still current
  • 103 — social work graduate program, 2016 ranking
University of Cincinnati

Various other rankings applaud UC

Note: Most rankings do not occur yearly.

Physical campus

Top in the world and the nation

  • The New York Times Magazine recently ran an eight-page spread of images focusing on UC's architecture, calling the dramatic campus renovation of the past quarter century "...the most ambitious campus-design program in the country...." (2015)

  • Forbes magazine — Forbes named UC among the world's most beautiful college campuses. Others making that short list were Oxford University in England as well as Princeton University, Stanford University, Yale University and the University of Virginia. (2010)

  • Delta Sky magazine — UC made the list of the world’s Top Ten most inspiring campuses, as selected by Delta Sky magazine. Campuses were deemed inspiring based upon their settings, design or architecture. (2011)

  • Yahoo Travel lists UC among the nation's most beautiful college campuses, noting that such architecture not only nabs indecisive students, but also attracts tourists. UC is listed along with Yale, Notre Dame, Harvard, Cornell, Princeton, Duke and William and Mary. (Oct. 2011)

  • Travel & Leisure magazine listed UC among the nation's most beautiful campuses, along with Cornell, Duke, Notre Dame, Princeton, Stanford, Vanderbilt and Yale. (Oct. 2011)

  • Best College Reviews named UC’s rec center No. 1 among the “25 most amazing campus student recreation centers” in the country. “UC students have all the amenities that modern students expect, but they enjoy partaking of them in world class architectural achievements, which is a big part of why Cincinnati takes our top spot,” the announcement read. Ohio made a good showing with Ohio State University placing at No. 5 and University of Akron at No. 14. (2013)

  • Allied Health World named UC’s Campus Recreation Center on West Campus, along with the East Campus Fitness Center in the CARE/Crawley building, to be in the top 10 university fitness centers in the country. The announcement praised the quantity and quality of equipment, swimming pools, etc., but also bragged on the architecture -- Pritzker Prize-winning architect Thom Mayne and Kristina Loock for the former building, and the latter for winning the Chicago Athenaeum American Architecture Award. (June 2013)

  • The Fiscal Times listed UC among the "10 Public Colleges with Insanely Luxurious Dorms," citing the upperclassman housing located in the same building as the Campus Recreation Center and CenterCourt, the dining facility with five food stations. (fall 2012)

  • HomeTalk.com listed UC's Morgens Hall among its national list of 7 university residence halls with must-have features. Morgens was included for its sustainability features. (2015)

  • Top Colleges Online named UC as having three of "The 50 Most Amazing Examples of College Architecture." The top three were the Vontz Center, the Steger Student Center and the Engineering Research Center. (2012)

Financial considerations

"Biggest Bang for Buck"

  • No. 1 — PolicyMic, a millennial generation news site, ranked UC as top in the nation for giving students the "Best Bang For Their Buck." (2013 study still current)

NACUBO endowment ranking

  • 80 in the U.S. -- UC's endowment ranks 80th among all U.S. and Canadian colleges and universities, based upon financial figures from FY09, released in the National Association of College and University Business Officers study (2013 study still current)

Barron's Profiles of American Colleges

  • Competitive+ — The University of Cincinnati is ranked as "Competitive+." (2011)

Academics, research, diversity, more

Princeton Review

  • UC among 'Nation's Best' — UC has been named as one of the nation's best institutions for undergraduate education for the ninth straight year, according to the Princeton's Review's 2016 edition of "The Best 380 Colleges." (2015)
  • Named a "Green University" — For the sixth straight year, UC was listed in the top tier of the nation's "green" universities. (2015)
  • Lindner College of Business among best 295 — UC's Carl H. Lindner College of Business makes the grad on this Princeton Review list, which comprises the top 15 percent of all four-year business schools in the nation. (2015)
  • Best Professor in Nation — LisaMarie Luccioni, adjunct professor of communications, was named one of the best 300 undergraduate teachers in the country. She teaches business etiquette and professional image courses in the Lindner Honors-PLUS program and communications in the McMicken College of Arts & Sciences. She is one of fewer than 100 Certified Image Professionals in the U.S. (2012)
  • College of Law, among best 172 — UC's College of Law was ranked among the top schools in the country. (2011, '09, '05)

Academic Ranking of World Universities

  • Top 300 in the world — UC placed in the top 300 worldwide universities, out of more than 1,200 universities ranked by the Center for World-Class Universities, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China. The Chronicle of Higher Education says the ARWU survey "is considered the most influential international ranking." (2015)
  • Top 102 of American universities (2015)

National Taiwan University Global Ranking of Scientific Papers

  • The University of Cincinnati ranks at No. 165 among global institutions based on the peformance of scientific papers. In certain specialty areas, the university ranks even higher: No. 59 in civil engineering (ahead of schools like Yale, Duke, Harvard, Ohio State and more); No. 99 in clinical medicine; No. 131 in life sciences and No. 159 in mechanical engineering. (2015)

National Science Foundation

  • The NSF ranks the university as 46th in the United States and 30th among public universities, based on Federally Financed Research and Development Expenditures. (FY2013)

Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

  • UC is also classified as a "very high research activity" university, placing the university among the 108 research-intensive universities (73 of these are public institutions) to receive the classification.
  • UC is also among 361 institutions to hold the 2015 Community Engagement Classification, acknowledging UC's emphasis on service in improving teaching and learning, as well as its commitment to benefiting the local and global community.

Center for Measuring University Performance

DesignIntelligence Survey of the Nation's Employers Who Hire Design Grads

  • Survey of employers
    • Industrial design No. 2 — UC's College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning was named as having the country's No. 2 undergraduate industrial design program and having the country's No. 4 graduate-level industrial design program. In the Midwest, both the undergraduate and graduate industrial design programs are rated No. 1.  (2016)
    • Interior design No. 4 — For more than a dozen years, DAAP’s undergraduate interior design program has ranked among the best in the nation. In the Midwest, the program is ranked at No. 1. (2016)
    • No. 17 for graduate architecture — DAAP’s graduate-level architecture program has ranked in the top 20 for five years in a row. In the Midwest, it was ranked No. 3. (2016)


  • No. 8 in the country — DAAP's School of Design ranked eighth among design schools, based upon career outcome data of more than 313 million members. (2014)


  • No. 150 in the world — The Cybermetrics Lab in Spain measures "the performance and impact of universities through their web presence," ranking the University of Cincinnati 150 in the world. Webometrics scores each university on four criteria, the most heavily weighted being the number of links to the institution's website from other sites -- a way of evaluating that site's general impact on the web community say the rankers. (2014)

The Leiden Ranking

  • The Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS), Leiden University, has developed a ranking system based on bibliometric indicators. The ranking focuses on global universities with more than 700 Web of Science indexed publications per year. UC ranks 191 in the world in the number of publications, and 81st in the United States. (2015)

Business Insider's Global Design Rankings

  • DAAP college No. 3 in world — Art directors, product designers and other design professionals rated UC's College of Design, Architecture, and Planning No. 3 in the world as a school that "is best suited to get you the design job you want." The college was the No. 1-ranked public university in that category. (2013)

The Washington Center

National Jurist Magazine

Military Friendly School (MFS)

  • UC has been designated an MFS for the sixth straight year, placing us among the top 20 percent of schools nationwide, as ranked by Victory Media, a veteran-owned marketing/publishing company. UC has approximately 1,500 student veterans enrolled in 2014, the year the ranking took place. UC has also received the following related rankings:


  • Best for actors on a budget — UC’s College-Conservatory of Music was named one of the top six college programs in the nation for actors on a budget by Backstage.com. Out of 200 incoming freshmen in the fall, about 60 percent of CCM students received some talent-based scholarship. (2013)

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

  • Lindner College of Business in top 100 — UC’s undergraduate business programs ranked 41st in the nation among public business schools. Out of all business schools in the nation, UC placed 84th.  (2016)
  • Full-time MBA program in top 100 — The UC Lindner College of Business MBA program was ranked 63rd in the nation, and number 31 mong public institutions. (October '15)
  • Part-time MBA program in top 50 — The UC Lindner College of Business part-time MBA program was ranked 47th in the nation, and number 22 among public programs. (October '15)
  • College of Business' undergraduate program rankings among public schools (2013):
    • No. 5 marketing
    • No. 5 accounting
    • No. 6 quantitative methods
    • No. 7 ethics
    • No. 10 microeconomics
    • No. 10 macroeconomics
    • No. 14 international business
    • No. 15 operations management
    • No. 16 finance
    • No. 37 information systems
    • No. 40 sustainability
    • No. 41 entrepreneurship
    • No. 45 corporate strategy
    • No. 55 business law

CEO Magazine

  • UC's Carl H. Lindner College of Business' online MBA program ranks No. 14 nationally and No. 28 in the world, based on the program's learning environments, class sizes, tuition fees, faculty, delivery methods, international diversity, gender composition and more. The objective of this annual ranking is to identify the schools that best combine exceptional quality with great ROI. (2016)


Master’s Marketing Degree Online

Washington Monthly

(1st "Smart Choice" ranking for online degrees)

  • Criminal justice No. 2 in nation — The College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services' online criminal-justice degree program was named second best in the nation. Arizona State University took first. (2012)

Chronicle of Higher Education

  • At top of Fulbright Scholar list — Among research institutions, the University of Cincinnati ranked near the top of the list when the Chronicle published "Top Producers of U.S. Fulbright Scholars." UC had seven faculty earning Fulbrights, surpassing Harvard, Columbia, Cornell and Ohio State universities. Only four universities ranked ahead of UC (Pennsylvania State, University of Kansas, Arizona State and New York University). Fulbright awards allow faculty to teach and conduct research internationally. (2011)

INSIGHT Into Diversity Magazine

SCImago Research Group

  • The SCImago Research Group's Institutions Rankings World Report 2010 combines four global indicators revealing performance, institutions' ability to generate scientific knowledge and to achieve international visibility. UC ranks as follows:
  1. 203th in the world out of 3,290 institutions (2012)
  2. 70th in North America 581 institutions (2011)

Fashionista.com (based in New York City)

  • No. 12 in the country — The UC fashion design program in the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning was included in rankings of the top 20 fashion design programs in the nation and placed 12th. Judges looked at jobs procured, opinions of people in the industry and standout program offerings. (2011)

International Student Barometer

  • The International Student Barometer, an annual survey of nearly 165,000 international students attending 290 global institutions, gives UC high marks. In the latest International Student Barometer (ISB), the University of Cincinnati ranked in the top three worldwide as the most welcoming and also in personal banking services and sports facilities and in the top ten for academic program organization and campus buildings. UC placed ninth overall among national peers. (2015)

Chronicle of Higher Education

National Research Council (survey repeated every 10+ years)

  • 7th in country — UC's classics PhD program ranked 7th best in country. (2010)

London (UK) Times Higher Education Supplement

  • The Times Higher Education supplement, emphasizing research universities, ranks the University of Cincinnati 276-300th among all the universities in the world. (2015)

Planetizen Guide 

  • Graduate urban-planning 17th in U.S. — The DAAP urban-planning master's degree program ranks 17th in the nation and fourth in the Midwest, according to the Planetizen Guide to Graduate Urban Planning Programs. Additionally, the guide placed the program sixth in the nation for providing training to international students and seventh in the nation for program that allow part-time students. With its Top-25 ranking, UC stands with other such schools as Harvard, Cornell and MIT. Planetizen is the only ranking system that currently exists for Schools of Planning. (2015)