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One Day: University of Cincinnati

one day 1


Local news anchor Clyde Gray, recipient of two Emmys, narrates the "One Day: University of Cincinnati" documentary that aired on the Cincinnati ABC affiliate in October 2000 and January 2001.

Photo/Lisa Ventre

one day 2

Although critiques of one's work are never easy, they often terrify first-year students at the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning. Students like these, in Aaron Alexander's introductory photography class, frequently stay up most of the night putting finishing touches on their work and, after only a few hours' sleep, must be prepared to defend it in front of the professor and their peers.

Photo/Aaron Ott

one day 3




"Hanging in the balance" may be a figure of speech for many students, but it is reality for Chimdi Ifeakanwa and other recruits in the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps, who use a two-story wall by Siddall Hall for their first rappelling exercise. For some, the learning curve may be a bit steep, but they all land safely.

Photo/Tom Levesay

one day 4

"Ethnomusicology" sounds much too academic to be this much fun, but non-music majors in the College-Conservatory of Music's World Music Performance Lab finish the quarter with an open-air recital of singing, dancing and playing ethnic instruments under the tutelage of associate composition professor Robert Templeman.

Photo/Deborah Rieselman

one day 5

"Blowing things up" may not be in Rudy Thomas' job description as a Department of Chemistry research associate, but he is certainly a university expert on it. In one of three experiments designed to intrigue Ed Hunter's class, the "chemistry demonstrator" pours liquid in a container, then steps back as smoke rises, sparks fly and molten metal flows from the bottom of the pot.

Photo/Lisa Ventre

one day 6


It's about rhythm; it's about movement; it's about putting your heart into your work. At the College-Conservatory of Music, tap instructor Patti James clearly demonstrates that philosophy to musical theater students, including Jasmin Walker [right], who was featured prominently in the "One Day" documentary.

Photo/Colleen Kelley

one day 7

Intensity and artistry combine as Mark Gibson, director of CCM's orchestral activities, rehearses the college's Philharmonia, the university's top performing orchestra, in Corbett Auditorium. What are they rehearsing? It could be their next CCM opera, another ASCAP-winning program of contemporary music for public radio or an addition to their discography, which ranges from Schubert's opera "Der Graf von Gleichen" to William Grant Still's "Afro-American" symphony. Or all of the above.

Photo/Colleen Kelley

one day 8


In a small room in an upper floor of Blegen Hall, UC archivist Kevin Grace, MA (A&S) '77, displays treasures for the film crew, like this full-page illumination from a "Book of Hours" printed in Limoges, France, circa 1475, part of the UC collection housed in the Archives and Rare Books Department.

Photo/Lisa Ventre

one day 9

Thrilled that her project survived the "crash" landing, UC student Julie Diemer triumphantly displays the "egg pillow" she designed to protect an egg from a three-story drop in the atrium of the College of Business Administration. Although "crash" courses are not standard offerings, assistant professor Suzanne Masterson [left] uses the project as a lesson in problem solving for her managerial effectiveness class.

Photo/Lisa Ventre

one day 10

Follow the yellow-brick road? Well, this prize-winning robot built by engineering students in Ernie Hall's [left] robotics course can follow yellow, white or green lines, guided by information from side-mounted cameras, an idea that could transform automobiles of the future. Checking "Bearcat 2" before a test run are Ramesh Thyagarajan and Nathan Mundhenk (right).

Photo/Tom Levesay

one day 11


Old age hit education professor Lanthan Camblin pretty fast on May 31. At 6 a.m., he was jogging, then by the time he showed up for an afternoon class, he had turned into a 90-year-old man with terminal cancer. College-Conservatory of Music resident makeup artist Dawn Dudley helped with the transformation [right], which Camblin used to illustrate issues of aging and dying to 170 students, who did not know the identity of their "guest" lecturer.         Photos/Dottie Stover

Lanthan Camblin
one day 13


Videographer Beth Fowler catches some students winding down between classes with a game of Hacky Sack.

Photo/Colleen Kelley

one day 14

Basketball players Donald Little (left) and Leonard Stokes hone their ball-handling skills at practice.

Photo/Lisa Ventre

one day: huggins



A photographer captures the less-glamorous elements to a successful Bearcat basketball program as head coach Bob Huggins sorts through his daily paperwork.

Photo/John Bach

one day 15




Student-athletes run wind sprints on the football team's practice field, while football coach Rick Minter [below right] watches.

Photos/John Bach

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one day 17



A sunny afternoon lures students to nap on McMicken Commons.

Photo/Lisa Britton

one day 18


Photographer and future art teacher Peter Griga gets a double dose of education every day on campus. Besides studying photography at the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning, he spends part of his day at the Arlitt Early Childhood Center, where he not only gains experience working with the preschoolers on art projects, but also gets to practice his photography.

Photo/Aaron Ott

one day 19



Math can be fun? Who says so? Well, Larry Gilligan does, and to prove his point, he is willing to twist his body into strange contortions. By removing his suit vest without removing his arms from the jacket sleeves, the College of Applied Science math professor illustrated how geometry addressed ways in which surfaces could be twisted, bent and otherwise deformed from one shape into another.

Photo/Tom Levesay

one day 20



In spending an entire day with fertility specialist Dr. Michael Thomas at the College of Medicine, one of the video crews filmed him conducting a laparotomy with OB/GYN resident Jennifer Ach Green. Later, Dr. Thomas was filmed in face-to-face meetings with two Cincinnati couples who wanted desperately to know, "Will we ever have a baby?" Only one received good news.

Photo/Colleen Kelley

one day 21

"Hey, we're on the wrong side of the camera." That had to be the feeling of the "News Record" staff as TV crews filmed them putting together the student newspaper. Of course, the newsroom is not as serious as reporter Seth Bauguess (left) and managing editor Jason Geil make it look here. Later in the TV broadcast, the staff demonstrated how they find relief from the stress of deadlines -- by playing Frisbee golf in the newsroom.

Photo/Lisa Britton

one day 22

Although the albino python may be a bit camera shy, students Amanda McCumber and Jamal Jackson do not mind a quick pose with the pet.

Photo/Lisa Ventre

one day 23


Law professor Christo Lassiter gives a pep talk to a group of first-year law students before an intramural softball game. When the women had first approached him about using his name for their team, Christo's Angels, he enthusiastically volunteered to serve as their coach.

Photo/John Bach

one day 24




Dancing the night away is the point of this Communiversity class, taught by Jeff Greatorex, who helps Shannon Livengood with a few steps. Shannon took the evening, non-credit class with her mother, Vicki.

Photo/Lisa Ventre