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List of 25 things you must do at UC

  1. Nab tickets to a CCM performance (513-556-4183)

  2. Catch a movie at the new Tangeman University Center (513-556-3456)

  3. Take some children to see an inexpensive live theater performance at Clermont College’s Calico Theater, (513-558-1215)

  4. Eat at a new restaurant on campus

  5. Spend the night at the Kingsgate Marriott Conference Center (513-487-3800, toll-free, 888-720-1299)

  6. Wander around the water fountains on the Campus Green

  7. Kiss Mick or Mack

  8. Take in the spectacular campus view from the balcony of Scioto Hall.

  9. Find Echo Point. Face north and talk to yourself.

  10. Stroll across campus and count how many works of art (excluding statues of people) you can locate on lawns, in plazas and connected to buildings. Aim high: There are 11 different sculpture pieces on the East and West Campuses.

  11. See the historic architectural treasures preserved in the courtyard between Swift Hall and the Steger Student Life Center

  12. ID the gargoyles on Blegen Hall and the artillery pieces in relief on Memorial Hall

  13. Locate the exterior wall of the original French Hall on the interior of the new building

  14. Walk into six different buildings on campus and try to correctly identify the number of the floor on which you entered

  15. Measure yourself next to the statues of Oscar Robertson and William Howard Taft

  16. View some medical history: old nurses uniforms at the College of Nursing library, antique pharmaceutical equipment at the pharmacy dean’s office, the Vontz Center’s Sabin exhibit

  17. Travel from the Medical Sciences Building to the hospital through the tunnels

  18. Locate an authentic Rookwood Pottery water fountain on campus (Hint: Old Chem has one; nursing, two.)

  19. Visit a DAAP art gallery

  20. See artifacts in the display cases at Braunstein Hall

  21. Enjoy a free performance by the Cincinnati Shakespeare Festival at the College of Applied Science each spring

  22. Sample inexpensive exotic foods and watch international entertainment at the Worldfest celebration sponsored by Student Activities and Leadership Development, April 29 - May 9 (513-556-6115)

  23. In late May attend the College of Applied Science senior showcase

  24. In June, attend a DAAP senior showcase (513-556-4933)

    25. Next fall, buy Bearcat football tickets and attend the pre-game Bearcat Blitz at the Myers Alumni Center, then get to Nippert Stadium early to see the band run down the stadium steps (513-556-CATS)

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