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Our path to world-class excellence

By Nancy L. Zimpher

This issue of "UC Magazine" builds on the theme "Proudly Cincinnati," our $1 billion campaign, which is the largest in UC history. It reminds us how much all Bearcats have to be proud of, from our bold beginnings in 1819 to UC today -- with strong enrollments, increasingly competitive admission standards and international stature in both academics and research.

"Proudly Cincinnati" will truly be our game-changer. After two decades of construction, our campus offers a remarkable vision of what a 21st century university looks like -- a brilliantly functional, architectural show-stopper, thanks in large part to President Emeritus Joe Steger.

After I arrived on campus, all stakeholder groups worked to create the UC|21 call to action. Its far-reaching goals continue to guide our work: We will always place students at the center, continue to grow our research and academic excellence, forge key partnerships, build on UC's new-found sense of place and forever be a campus of extraordinary opportunity. To assure our various publics that we are true to our word, we annually produce a President's Report Card, filled with an abundance of upward arrows.

With the following key initiatives of "Proudly Cincinnati," our ambition as an institution is nothing less than to be the finest public urban research university on a world stage:

21st Century Learning -- Enhancing our commitment to transformational learning is key to preparing students for tomorrow's challenges. We seek funds to support capstone experiences, scholarships, honors programs, world-renowned co-op and experiential learning programs and professorships that will guide these extraordinary learning paradigms. "Strive," our unprecedented regional effort to put college completion within the reach of all students, sits at the crux of this vision, as well.

Health in the 21st Century -- UC brings great minds together to heal the sick, prevent illness and save lives. With the potential to solve the greatest health challenges, we need private support to strengthen these pursuits, not only among the university's health-related colleges, but in collaborative programs across the entire university.

Science and Technology in the 21st Century -- Because these arenas make nearly everything possible and most things better, we aspire to be a global leader. Watch us bring a new generation of learners to science, technology, engineering and mathematics in our neighborhood schools. With private support, we will be able to expand UC's cross-disciplinary collaborations, recruit world-class faculty, nurture new research talent and place discovery at the core of all disciplines.

Arts, Design and the Humanities in the 21st Century -- Few universities can rival UC when it comes to excellence in this arena. Our programs in design, architecture, musical theater and performance are among the nation's most competitive, and classics and philosophy are just two disciplines in the humanities where UC excellence has had historic impact. "Proudly Cincinnati" will ensure that UC's special brand of imagination and innovation continues to make bold new connections between human needs and human dreams.

Urban Solutions for the 21st Century -- This initiative speaks to the reciprocal synergy between a great city and a great university. Our urban home provides us with tremendous research opportunities and a high quality of life for our employees and students. Our UC-Cincinnati partnerships have never been stronger, but "Proudly Cincinnati" will ensure that we forge stronger and broader partnerships and become a model for urban universities everywhere.

The UC Experience -- This brings us full circle to the first goal of UC|21, placing students at the center. That's why the quality of student life and the bonds we enjoy with alumni will never be taken for granted. We remain focused on priorities and services that bring students to UC and help them reach their goals. Support for student-life experiences, the rituals that remind our alums of home and the very aspirational Catapult commitment by UC Athletics (to win a Big East championship in every sport) are gifts to us all.

What a moment in time for the University of Cincinnati. I am Nancy Zimpher, and I am "Proudly Cincinnati"!