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Photo/Bruce Wachsman

Tossing a dummy off Crosley Tower in the late 1970s wasn't exactly a crime, but it did put some hapless student filmmakers on the spot. A passing photographer, Bruce Wachsman, caught them trying to explain to University Law Enforcement Officer John Qualters that they just wanted to simulate the dramatic fall of a "body" from a high-rise building.

An angry faculty member had called campus police after being startled by what he thought was a real person hurtling down toward him as he exited Crosley.

Wachsman, Pharm '77, now a resident of Germantown, Tenn., says he always liked the photograph he took, as well as what he knew of the story, although he never found out how it was resolved.

"If you receive any response from the people involved, I would love to know how the story ended," Wachsman says. Perhaps one of our readers can supply the names of the would-be moviemakers and provide the drama's "finis."