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Today's youth, Steger's view

Today's youth

To stay abreast of student viewpoints, Steger regularly wanders over to the Dining Pavilion and randomly picks a group to join for lunch. One day, the lucky couple were Jennifer Peace and Nate Parker, both third-year A&S students. Photo/Lisa Ventre


I think the current generation is really very sophisticated and much more mature than previous generations. The students are really articulate.

This morning I met a group who were concerned about the war, but they weren't arguing about which side they were going to be on; they wanted to protect other students from the impact of discord on campus. They're worried about people with placards fighting with each other. They didn't want a big confrontation on either side.

That's very mature. Ten years ago, you would have had a different attitude. They are much more thoughtful today. It's not all me, me, me.

-- Joseph Steger