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Faculty/staff giving campaign celebrates record-breaking year

UC's own step up to make a difference despite challenging economy

If the events of the last year or two have shown us anything, it's that every dollar counts when times get tough. Governments, businesses and families are all struggling to find answers to a difficult question: How do we do more with less? For many, that means cutting back or sacrificing something important -- a vacation, a new TV, a night out with the family -- just to make ends meet.

But like so many things in life, it's not the challenges and problems we face that define who we are. It's the way we respond to them. And UC's family -- current employees along with adjunct, emeriti and retired faculty and staff -- responded to the challenge like never before to set records for dollars raised and donor participation in this year's university-wide faculty/staff giving campaign, "We're ALL Proudly Cincinnati."

When all the gifts were tallied at the end of June, 2,765 donors gave almost $10.4 million to funding needs across UC's programs, departments and campuses. The numbers represent a 22 percent increase in donors and a 5 percent increase in participation over last year's totals, as well as almost $1.2 million more dollars raised. Going back even further, this year's totals equal a 46 percent increase in donors and a 43 percent increase in total dollars raised since the first faculty/staff campaign concluded in 2005. In better times, this accomplishment would be newsworthy. In these times, it's unprecedented.

The gifts faculty and staff made will support excellence in almost every area of the university. Many chose to support their own college by making gifts to the dean's discretionary fund, which helps bolster student scholarships and financial aid, allows for upgrades in facilities and technology, and gives deans the resources they need to pursue new educational programs and collaborations in their colleges. Others chose to support scholarship programs like Darwin Turner Scholars, Lindner Honors-PLUS Scholars and other scholarship funds created by donors. And many gave to areas that make them proud to be a part of UC, like groundbreaking medical research, student-life funds and athletics.

Their stories deserve to be celebrated because any increase in giving -- no matter who the donors are or what they choose to support -- is a major success. When the increase comes from a dedicated group of men and women who already do so much to make UC what it is today through hard work, student interaction, late nights and more, the only appropriate response (other than one of immense gratitude) is to shout it from the rooftops.

Now, more than ever ...

We're ALL Proudly Cincinnati.



Why they gave -- in their own words

Alumni who make a difference

The UC Experience
Linda Neal, assistant operations manager, Fifth-Third Arena

"My passion for UC has included having the opportunity to work in the Shoemaker Center, where I have been a part of an exciting and always changing environment. While working at the "Shoe," I have been able to be a part of history. I have met numerous entertainers and speakers including Maya Angelou and President Barack Obama. UC provides students not only with educational opportunities but also with life experiences. It is important to give to UC because of the difference UC has made not only in the lives of students, but in the lives of others worldwide."

Science and Technology in the 21st Century
Robert Howell, professor of chemical sciences, associate dean at Raymond Walters College

"I am so proud to be part of such a glorious university that has such a breadth of nationally known programs ranging from CCM to the football program. I am also proud of my own college, Raymond Walters College, because of the access mission that helps us acquire great students. The university has so many award-winning programs that come together to create a fine institution."

Arts, Design and the Humanities in the 21st Century
Lisa Newman, field service professor, director of undergraduate studies, director of internship program, UC Department of Communication

"I am proud to be the undergraduate director in a department that graduates the most students from the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences. I have had the opportunity to work with a brilliant faculty and intelligent, hardworking students. My passion is connecting students to ideas in the subjects that I teach and matchmaking their goals and interests to their future career and life plans. I view myself as a resource for students in my program and like to see them succeed. In these economically tough times, it is important to give to continue providing students with an education and scholarship opportunities that will lead to their success."

Urban Solutions for the 21st Century
Cheryll Dunn, CAS '66, Ed '68, MEd '69, PhD (Ed) '77, associate professor emerita, College of Applied Science, chemical technology

"I have been fortunate to have good role models who sought opportunities for me as a student, which included my traveling as an exchange student. As an employee, I also have had many opportunities to learn, meet people like John Denver and Maya Angelou, and to speak at other universities, such as Cambridge in London. UC has provided me with the tools needed to have a full and successful life. And for that, I was, I am and will always be, Proudly Cincinnati."

Health in the 21st Century
Charles Heaton, professor emeritus, dermatology

"Each of us has received support for our education from parents, governmental groups and many philanthropic supporters. We have an obligation to give something back beyond the expected activities of our job. As institutional leaders we must give not only our time and talent to our parent institution but we must give our financial support through gifts and endowments. Otherwise our institutions lose their vibrant spirit and sense of individual excellence. It has been my privilege to support my department with gifts to the University of Cincinnati for more than 25 years."

21st Century Learning
Amitabh Raturi, professor, quantitative analysis and operations management, College of Business

"I have lived and worked here for 25 years. This has been the longest job that I have had, as well as the place where my children have grown up. It is important to give to the university because it not only benefits the institution itself, but also the Cincinnati area. I am proud of the efforts of our faculty within the College of Business. One program that our faculty members are moving forward with is pro bono work for people who have been laid off. Our programs have the potential to help many people."


Faculty, staff share a history of giving

Faculty and staff have historically been generous supporters of the university. To inspire even more employees to get involved, UC held its first university-wide giving campaign in 2005. Faculty and staff participation demonstrates that employees embrace the academic, research and service missions of the university.

UC's current and retired employees have given more than $44 million since 2005, which equals almost 10 percent of the private support raised to date through UC's comprehensive fundraising campaign, "Proudly Cincinnati."

% of UC's total private faculty-staff donations

Year Donor count Money raised support for year
2004-2005 1,875 $6,117,300 6.9%
2005-2006 2,128 $8,968,291 10.6%
2006-2007 2,138 $9,540,772 12.6%
2007-2008 2,271 $9,085,302 4.6%
2008-2009 2,765 $10,387,137 11.3%

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