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Liquids Combine with Light

Jason Heikenfeld, assistant professor of engineering at the University of Cincinnati, is developing electrofluidic optics. That means he’s combining liquids with light.

There are many practical, business applications for this work. And, in fact, a number of companies are involved with us in this research, including Sun Chemical here in Cincinnati, FLEXMatters in Kent, Ohio, along with companies in Arizona and California, and partners in Europe and Asia.

Perhaps best of all, this research has now led to a new start-up company in Ohio called Gamma Dynamics. The long-term potential for this company includes the creation of thousands of high-paying jobs here in order to manufacture electrofluidic products and components.

It’s all because of UC’s electrofluidic display technology. It’s the first technology to electrically enhance the appearance of pigments or colors to a level of visual brilliance equal to conventional printed materials.

This has important implications for mass-consumer acceptance of technology like e-books and even new kinds of business signage. For instance, with this technology, we can create full-color business signs embedded in a window. With a flip of a switch, the window sign can go completely transparent (and serve as a window) or switch to a new image.

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