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A timeline of UC's athletics logo




Early logos encompassed a block C.


Playing off the efforts of UC's fullback Leonard "Teddy" Baehr during a 1914 game against Kentucky, cheerleader Norman "Pat" Lyon created the chant: "They may be Wildcats but we have a Baehr-cat." Game coverage in the student newspaper included this cartoon of a bear-like cat.




This Bearcat head emerged on uniforms in the 1940s.




The crowned "gingerbread man" Bearcat appeared in the early 1960s in recognition of UC's back-to-back national titles.




A fiercer Bearcat showed up in the mid-'60s.




This rounder, smoother creature made its way into the logo in the 1970s.




The 1980s brought fans the angry Bearcat head.




By the end of the '80s, UC teams were marked by the dueling horseshoes.




The C-paw surfaced as the official athletic logo in 1990.




By the mid-'90s, the hanging Bearcat became popular on UC wear.




The C-paw was revised in 2005 to strengthen the mark, coinciding with the move to the Big East Conference.