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Diana Maria Riva and 'The Good Guys'

Alumna on working with Bradley Whitford, Colin Hanks on 'The Good Guys'

Diana Maria Riva and Bradley Whitford

Diana Maria Riva and Bradley Whitford on the Fox TV series ''The Good Guys'' in 2010

"I  had a fantastic time with 'The Good Guys,' and, of course, being reunited with Bradley Whitford was one of the best things about it. [The two had worked together on 'The West Wing' for years.]

"Having said that, Colin Hanks is a gem and a wonderful person to work with. But when you put the two boys together, I can assure you I have never had more fun working 16 hour days on the set. The laughs, jokes, mayhem and double/triple takes are endless ... and priceless, to say the least."

-- Diana Maria Riva (Uhlenbrock), CCM '91, MFA (CCM) '95