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How much is that electronic classroom?

University of Cincinnati classrooms with innovative media capability are expensive. Even before high-tech audiovisual components are installed, it can cost $17,000 to $40,000 to prepare the room: electronic projection screens and window shades, variable markerboards, projector mounts, artificial lighting and lots of wiring. AV equipment can add as much as $32,000 to a standard classroom (24 to 36 students) to $64,000 for a large one (149 students).


AV equipment for large classroom:

Instructor workstation with electronics rack
Video touch panel, AMX control system
Computer and monitor
Document camera
VCR/DVD player
Ceiling projectors (3)
Overhead projector, cart
Slide converter
Ceiling speakers
Amplifier, wireless microphone
Matrix switcher
Equipment installation, cabling
Security alarm
Extended warranty
System design, programming




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