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From the UCAA executive director

Dear UC Alumni:

In 1907, the university and a group of its most dedicated grads collaborated on a pretty good idea. Knowing the rapidly growing base of alumni was one of UC's greatest resources, and recognizing the tremendous potential of a more organized support structure, they created the UC Alumni Association.


Now as we celebrate our centennial, our mission remains simple and strong: "The UC Alumni Association represents, serves and inspires current and future alumni in support of the University of Cincinnati." We serve more than 200,000 living alumni. Half live and work in Greater Cincinnati, and half are scattered across the country and around the world.

People often ask me about the Alumni Association's value in the lives of our alumni and their university, and I keep coming back to four words:

Engagement: The essence of our work, engagement can take whatever form alumni prefer. Many see this as "giving back," yet our most involved alums always say they get more than they give.

Networks: In today's shrinking, interconnected world, personal and professional networking is almost as fundamental as breathing in and out. Engaged UC alumni realize they're automatically members of a vast network of people who will help just because of their shared UC history.


The old Sigma Chi House (top) was the home of the Alumni Association before being replaced in 1989 by the Russell C. Myers Alumni Center, which now sits at the foot of the campus's MainStreet corridor. Alumni director David Macejko stands in front of it.

Scholarships: UC alumni typically feel a sense of duty toward helping others become UC alumni. That leads to funding scholarships, which enables more students to attend and graduate from UC, then add to our rich alumni legacy.

Family: The bonds between alumni cross disciplines, generations, great distances, ranges of experience and personal interests. Lifelong Bearcats support each other because they intuitively understand their unique connection. They're part of the same family.

On these pages, you'll see thoughts from some of your fellow alumni. I hope that their words resonate with you and that you'll respond by strengthening your own relationship with UC. Please let us know how we can help in the ways that mean the most to you.


David Macejko, CCM '71 Executive Director, UC Alumni Association