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Ohio legislators in dream jobs

Seventeen alumni serve in the Ohio General Assembly. A few of them share thoughts on what makes the work a dream job.

"I often tell groups, 'Everyone should be allowed to have this job once, and conversely, everyone should be required to have this job once.' It is great to help people weave through the maze of government bureaucracy to solve problems, while helping guide the entire state into the future. This is definitely a challenging job, rich with personal satisfaction."

-- Joe Uecker, A&S '85, 66th District

"Two opportunities make this a dream job -- to meet so many good people from across the state and to shape public policy. After 25 years as a practicing lawyer, it is a real pleasure to be in the position of getting to write the laws, instead of merely having to interpret them."

-- Bill Seitz, A&S '75, JD '78, 30th District

"Everyone who attends the UC College of Law does so, in some part, because of his or her desire to make our state, country and world a better place through justice and the law. Having the opportunity to draft and enact the laws that lawyers must follow in order to accomplish this makes it a dream job."

-- Dan Dodd, JD '03, 91st District

"As a small business owner, I serve the elderly within a business capacity. I love that now I can help the frail elderly also through my position as a state representative."

-- Michelle Schneider, att. '75, 35th District

UC's Ohio legislators

UC's Ohio legislators are (from the left) Rep. Chris Widener, DAAP '87; Rep. Joe Uecker, A&S '85; Rep. Bill Seitz, A&S '75, JD '78; Sen. Bob Schuler, RWC '93; Rep. Jim McGregor, A&S '72; Nancy Zimpher, UC president; the Bearcat; Sen. Patty Clancy, Ed '74; Rep. Michelle Schneider, att. '75; Rep. Dan Dodd, JD '03; Rep. Shannon Jones, A&S '92; Sen. Eric Kearney, JD '89; Jerry Tsai, student body president; Ryan Rosensweig, student government senator; Rep. Matt Huffman, JD '85; and Rep. Danny Bubp, Ed '78. Grads not pictured are Rep. Joyce Beatty, att. '79; Rep. Lou Blessing, Bus '70; Rep. Tyrone Yates, A&S '78; Rep. John Domenick, CCM '69; and Rep. Allan Sayre, att. '90.