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Photo gallery

Carved stibe

A carved stone dedication piece to the Greek goddess Artemis, twin sister of Apollo. She was known as the goddess of fertility and hunting, and a protector of women and children.

The former monastery of St. Mary at Appollonia

The archaeology team had workrooms for cleaning the finds and recording information about them in the former monastery of St. Mary at Apollonia. The Byzantine-period church there is still in use.

Diary writer Ann Santen

Members of the excavation team from UC, including diary-writer Ann Santen, CCM '79, were asked to record detailed information about each artifact as it was found. She is standing by the trench where she "dug into history."

Computer in the field

The old meets the new, as the team's computerized survey equipment is supported and protected by a broken umbrella and disabled plow at the Bonjaket compound.