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Dolly's mark on UC

A look at her memorable hats, plus
a list of all Cohen Award winners

Dearest Dolly, known for big hats and a big heart, funded the Mrs. A.B. "Dolly" Cohen Award for Excellence in Teaching at the University of Cincinnati in 1961. Two awards are given to outstanding faculty each year, continuing even to today. At a 1962 award ceremony, UC President Walter Langsam said, "The distinguished teacher stands at the very forefront of preservers and furtherers of our civilization," according to a story in the News Record.

Dolly also donated money to the university as needs arose. In 1967, for example, she gave an ambulance to the UC Student Health Service following an incident in which a student collapsed from an epileptic seizure while eating in Siddall Hall.

Dolly's husband, A.B. Cohen, was president of U.S. Shoe Corp.

— posted October ’13

Award winners

Mrs. A.B. "Dolly" Cohen Award for Excellence in Teaching

Nominations come only from students and alumni

1961 Gaylord Merriman, A&S
1962 Gustav Carlson, A&S
Hope Warner, DAA
1963 Albert Herweh, Engineering
Clark Aumond, Business
1964 Karin Dayas, CCM
Robert Hundley, Engineering
1965 Harry Muegel, A&S
Jean Winston, A&S
1966 Irvin Rutter, Law
H. David Lipsich, A&S
1967 C. William Vogel, A&S
Austin Wright, A&S
1968 William Boyce, A&S
Robert Kroll, Engineering
1969 Nancy Ralston, Education
Elizabeth Armstrong, A&S
1970 Jack Gottschang, A&S
Maurice Levine, Medicine
1971 Russell Dunholter, Engineering
David McLain, CCM
1972 Audrey Gomes, University College
Lesta Morris, RWC
1973 Dale Kiefer, Business
Samuel Townsend, Medicine
1974 Leonard Lansky, A&S
Richard DeMar, A&S
1975 John Alexander, A&S
James McGinnis, University College
1976 Jerry Miller, Raymond Walters
Joseph Scanio, A&S
1977 Jon Nicodemus, University College
Rollin Workman, A&S
1978 Alfred Garvin, Education
Jonathan Kamholtz, A&S
1979 Howard Jackson, A&S
Richard Kretschmer, Education
1980 Boyd Ringo, Engineering
David Sterling, A&S
1981 William Licht, Engineering
La Verne Summerlin, University College
1982 T. Scott Huston, CCM
Helgola Ross, Education
1983 Jo Face, DAAP
R.J. Senter, A&S
1984 Robin Sheets, A&S
Jung Rno, Raymond Walters
1985 Sara Friedrichsmeyer, Raymond Walters
Otis Mitchell, A&S
1986 David Lundgren, A&S
Dean Shupe, Engineering
1987 Lanthan Camblin, Education
Rudolph Verderber, A&S
1988 C. Ralph Buncher, Medicine
Roger Collins, Education
1989 Mary Adler, University College
David Fankhauser, Clermont
1990 Tony Grasha, A&S
Robert Hehman, A&S
1991 Benny Kraut, A&S
Alphonse Squillante, Law
1992 Evelyn Brod, Raymond Walters
Erhard Friedrichsmeyer, A&S
1993 Ann Chisko, Raymond Walters
Henry Meyer, CCM
1994 Billie Dziech, University College
Richard Schade, A&S
1995 Mark Bowers, Engineering
Jerry Snider, A&S
1996 Gila Safran-Naveh, A&S
Roger Selya, A&S
1997 Jerry Glenn, A&S
Ralph Meyer, A&S
1998 David Niland, DAAP
Israel Penn, Medicine
1999 Diane Harris-Cline, A&S
Glenn Markle, Education
2000 John Drury, A&S
Michele Vialet, A&S
2001 Michael Lieberman, Medicine
David Minda, A&S
2002 Angelene Jamison-Hall, A&S
Jane Stevens, DAAP
2003 Kirsten Nigro, A&S
Timothy Northcut, CCM
2004 Joy Callan, Raymond Walters
Kirti Karman Ghia, Engineering
2005 Bruce Francis Giffen, Medicine
Michael Romanos, DAAP
2006 Kenneth Ghee, A&S
M. Ann Welsh, Business
2007 Miguel Roig-Francolí, CCM
Philip Diller, Medicine
2008 Marianna Brown Bettman, Law
Keith King, Educlation
2009 Scott Dumas, A&S
Thomas Mantei, Engineering
2010 Tracey Hawkins, Clermont
Susan Sipple, Blue Ash
2011 Rebecca Leugers, Allied Health Sciences
Colleen McTague, A&S
2012 Kenneth King, A&S
Laura Micciche, A&S
2013 Bruce McClung, CCM
Eric Warm, Medicine