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Honoring alumnus Ted Berry

Ted Berry

Sometimes we wait too long to write a story. Sometimes, it comes out in the nick of time.

We didn't know how true the latter would be when we honored the accomplishments of UC's oldest living African American alumnus, Theodore "Ted" Berry, A&S '28, Law '31, in the May 2000 issue of "Horizons." On Oct. 15, 2000, Berry died three weeks short of his 95th birthday.

I interviewed him long before that, in the fall of '99, and remember his firm handshake, wide grin and bright eyes. Although he was confined to a wheelchair and easily tired, he was clear headed and pleased to share his wealth of memories.

I regret that the magazine took so long to feature this remarkable man, but I'm certainly grateful that he lived to see our tribute and that I got to extend it personally.  -- Deborah Rieselman

Photo/Dottie Stover

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