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The budding businessman: Rohan Hemani

Sophomore in finance, College of Business How did you decide to attend UC?

Remaining close to home always seemed appealing because I am from Cincinnati and love this city. The established co-op program and the campus diversity weighed heavily on my decision to attend UC. I was also fortunate in high school to have a great counselor and mentor who informed me of the numerous opportunities I could take advantage of at UC.

What does your scholarship mean to you?

It means one word above all — family. Numerous scholarships give students a stipend every quarter, but very few build extensive relationships with the recipients. That's what distinguishes the Darwin Turner Scholarship Program. From the moment we are awarded the scholarship, the idea of family is instilled in us. We grow, share experiences and develop as a family. Turner is truly a home away from home.

Has your scholarship strengthened your educational experience?

To me, education extends far beyond the academic world into a place where pure learning takes place through experiences and interactions with individuals. The Turner scholarship has exposed me to cultures I knew little about and people I may never have interacted with.

I have learned that respecting every individual's differences is what makes us family. One of my most memorable experiences was going to Nicaragua as part of the Honors-PLUS Program and playing charades with my host family, who spoke no English.

How has your scholarship enabled your education?

The monetary stipend enables me to focus most of my time on my studies and not worry about balancing school and work at the same time. I am also in a co-op program, so I do get great work experience every other quarter, like my co-op at MedPace.

Has your UC experience been meaningful?

My experience at UC is one that I will never forget and continues to improve with all the experiences that I have been privileged to be a part of. I have been involved with many different organizations, all of which have given me incredible satisfaction and pride. Some of these organizations are the International Dance Team, the Asian American Association, my social fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Student Government, the Student Alumni Council (SAC) and ROAR, the campus tour-guide program.

One of the most rewarding aspects I've taken away is my interaction with current students through these organizations, with potential students through ROAR and with alumni through SAC. I was also fortunate to have the experience of driving down with 40 family friends to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl a year ago.

How has UC transformed your life?

I have learned much from my peers and developed a great network of close friends who I anticipate will remain close to me many years after graduating. I have become much more confident in my leadership abilities through guidance from peers and gained practical experience by serving in executive positions in many organizations.

What are your post-graduation plans?

I have many big dreams, including working in corporate America, living a busy city life and pursuing graduate school after a few years of work experience. I would love to go into business with my father or open a dance studio with my sister in Cincinnati. I have many aspirations that I can't wait to pursue after graduation. The sky's the limit right now.