Crating and shipping the Hyperloop UC prototype


Hyperloop UC team members escort a crated protype across campus.

Hyperloop UC team members escort a crated protype across campus.

by John Bach
Photos by Jay Yocis

Jan. 19, 2017


Members of the Hyperloop UC team carefully crated their 15.5-foot prototype and escorted it from the high bay of UC's Rhodes Hall, down MainStreet to the dock near the Engineering Research Center, where it was loaded into the back of a truck.

Team organizers estimate it will take three days to transport by truck from Cincinnati to Hawthorne, California, a 2,215-mile journey. The first wave of 15 UC students are flying into Los Angeles International Airport on Saturday, Jan. 21. The second wave of 15 students will join them on Thursday, Jan. 25.

The pod's trip to SpaceX is the second such journey, as it made a similar trip for preliminary testing in November.



UC Hyperloop team escorts a crated Hyperloop prototype down UC's Mainstreet.
Team members maneuver the prototype toward the dock to ship.
A semi carries UC's Hyperloop pod the 2,215 miles to Hawthorne, California.
Hyperloop UC teams members pose with their crated prototype in front of the Engineering Research Center.
Hyperloop UC Presidnet Dhaval Shiyani signs the shipping manifest before sending the prototype west to California.
UC students attache the UC Hyperloop banner to the side of the shipping crate.



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