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Art creates a 'sense of place'

In its many forms, art can arouse emotions and create a sense of place. Establishing that feeling has long been an important goal at UC.

With the acquisition, the commission and the display of a variety of artwork, UC has aimed to evoke feelings of belonging to a community. Its presence might be subtle to students, but showcasing sculpture, art and artistic landscapes throughout the university has been a successful tangible goal. Today, UC boasts six galleries on four campuses and 23 pieces of sculpture.

A small, striking sample follows.


Dorothy and Lawson Reed Jr. Gallery — largest DAAP gallery, fifth floor of Aronoff complex

Philip Meyers Jr. Memorial Gallery — Steger Student Life Center across from the recreation center

840 Gallery — DAAP Fine Arts on fifth floor of Aronoff

Park National Bank Art Gallery — Clermont College

Blue Ash Annex Gallery: Plainfield School Annex — UC Blue Ash (Food for Thought scheduled for Thurs.-Sat. during October each year)





  • Art Beat,” Tim Prentice, 1998, Cardiovascular  Research Center atrium
  •  “Anatomy Vessel,” Eric Nordgulen, 2012, UC Blue Ash Campus Quadrangle
  • Bearcat statue, Jon Hair, 2010, northeastern corner outside Marge Schott Stadium
  • Belief” (Be Leaf), Terry Allen, 1999, behind Vontz Center
  • Core Couple II,” Stuart Fink, 1980, at Clifton Ave. and Clifton Dr.
  • Crystal Garden,” Dennis Oppenheim, 2003, moved to University Avenue turnround
  • Figura-Prima,” Magdalena Abakanowicz, 1995, CCM Plaza
  • Five Lines in Parallel Planes,” George Rickey, 1995, CARE/Crawley’s north lawn
  • Florence Nightingale bronze bust, Father Jerome Cox of Italy, 1996; gift of Florence Nightingale’s great-grandniece, Joan Nightingale Fox; Procter Hall entrance
  • Forest Devil,” Kenneth Snelson, 1977, Zimmer Roof Garden
  • Herman Schneider statue, Anna Christoforidis, 2007, in front of Baldwin Hall
  • Light Mast,” James Carpenter, 1999, near CCM Starbucks
  • LIVE,” Gary Rieveschl, 1976, in the lawn on the Clifton Avenue side of DAAP
  • Mick and Mack, small copies of an Italian pair in Florence’s Loggia dei Lanzi, 1904 installed on campus; McMicken Hall entrance
  • Memorial Fountain to Clara Baur,” Clement Barnhorn, 1914, CCM Alumni Garden
  • Oscar Robertson statue, Blair Buswell, 1994, east of Lindner Center’s main entrance
  • Richardson’s Rocks,” designed and constructed by professor H.H. Richardson’s architecture students, 1972, Burnet Woods
  • Ronald Walker Tower of Light,” Machado and Silvetti Assoc., 1998, Sigma Sigma Commons
  • Skybird,” Peter Reginato, 1987, Zimmer Hall entry from Nautilus Plaza
  • Super Twister,” Alice Aycock, 2013, CARE/Crawley entrance
  • The Three Muses,” Sam Gilliam, 1999, CCM front lobby
  • Triceracopter: The Hope for the Obsolescence of War,” former professor Patricia Renick, 1977, installed in Lansgam Library 2010
  • Untitled” (bronze beams look like a walking man), Joel Shapiro, 1990, University Commons
  • Chief Justice William Howard Taft statue, Michael Bigger, 1991, behind College of Law