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A meal on campus worth the time

Alumni who graduated more than a decade ago have quite different memories of campus dining options than today’s students. In 2003, MarketPointe opened its doors in Siddall Hall as UC’s first “marche” style dining hall, where fresh food was prepared to order at various dining stations.

Today, students have two gourmet buffets to
choose from -- MarketPointe, as well as CenterCourt, located along MainStreet as part of the Campus Recreation Center. Among CenterCourt's numerous stations is an international food area.

For a nice sit-down meal, you can try Mick & Mack’s Contemporary Cafe in Tangeman University Center. Diners sit along a windowed wall, overlooking McMicken Commons, and choose from items such as goat cheese salad, falafel, chicken Orzo and homemade calzones. For lunch Mondays through Fridays, the cafe also sets up gourmet buffets according to themes. On Thursday evenings, wine and spirit tastings are as popular as the complementary creations the chef loves to dream up.

All three restaurants have taken turns winning seven Loyal Horton Dining Awards from the National Association of College & University Food Services.

Of course, TUC still has a fast-food court downstairs, but in a setting much more attractive than in the old building. And no college campus can survive today without Starbucks. So UC has four of them -- two on West Campus, one on East Campus and one in U-Square.

by D. Rieselman